For obvious reasons, I’ve spent a lot of time at home over the last 12 months. Like many others, staring at the same four walls day in and day out has left me craving change. It’s also highlighted every single outstanding DIY task we’ve been putting off for the last 8 years. Back in 2014, I wrote about decorating with patience. Well, I think mine may have finally run out!

With renewed motivation, I’m determined to make some real progress in 2021. We’re already one project down and slowly getting started on the next. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything we’ve done so far and everything I still want to do. For the full effect, check out some ‘before’ photos here and here.

What’s Done {For Now}

  • Living/Dining Room

Love Audrey living/dining room grey chair with yellow pompom cushion

There are a few decorative touches I’d like to add, but this room definitely looks done when you walk in. Back in 2014, we painted the entire space ourselves and paid a carpenter to add built-in cupboards and shelving. Last year, we replaced the rug and bought a new coffee table. We also purchased an additional armchair. We’ve wanted a new sofa for a while, and I’d love to nix the existing black blinds when we replace the windows {see below}, but aside from these things, I’m very happy with the space.

  • Shower Room Phase 1

This was our most recent DIY project and I’m thrilled with what we managed to achieve on a very tight budget. We painted the walls, revamped the rusty radiator, refreshed the grout, replaced the shower seals and added new accessories. It’s made a massive difference and cost us less than £250. The room is too small and dark to get a decent photograph, but you can see the transformation via this Instagram Stories Highlight.

  • Laundry Room Phase 1

Love Audrey laundry room makeover Love Audrey laundry room makeover Lakeland heated drying rack

Although I started working on this space before the pandemic hit, it was completed during the first lockdown last year. I’d have loved to rip everything out and start again, but a lick of paint and some clever storage helps us make the best of it. I still need an electrician to install a new light and I might tile behind the sink at some point, but otherwise this room is ‘done for now’ and working really well for us. Oh, and that heated drying rack? LIFE CHANGING.

  • Yarden

I’m far from green-fingered, but I love our little yarden {it’s more than a yard, not quite a garden}. Since its initial makeover, we re-stain the decking every summer and refresh the painted render as and when it’s needed. I’ve managed to keep a few plants alive too. This year, we’d love to buy some new outdoor furniture, add festoon lighting and upgrade our BBQ.

  • Jesse’s Bedroom

Love Audrey teenage boy's bedroom box room cabin bed

For a long time, Jesse’s bedroom was my favourite room in the house. I loved the pattern and colour, the storage worked well, and the space was perfect for him. Until it wasn’t. Last autumn, we decided to create something a little more age appropriate. We painted the walls, installed some shelving and bought a fancy new cabin bed. There are a few finishing touches to add, but Jesse loves it!

  • Main Bathroom

Love Audrey pink bathroom door and mirrored cabinet

After a major leak in 2019, we had the old suite ripped out to create my beloved pink bathroom. Although we’re in the process of fixing a slight issue with the tiled floor, it’s absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Attic Office

Love Audrey attic office guest bedroom

Given we spend so much time up here, redecorating the attic office is one of the best things we’ve done. Painting over the oppressive red wall and adding new furniture helped turn it into a proper office and a comfortable guest bedroom. We’d like to add some bespoke shelving at some point along with proper doors for the cupboards in the eaves, but we’re not in any hurry.

What’s Left to Do

  • New Windows & Roof Repairs

On to the boring, expensive things we can’t keep putting off. The windows at the front of the house are around 20 years old and in a terrible state. They’ve got to go. Two areas of the roof also need repairing along with some damage caused inside. The worst of this is in Izzy’s bedroom and needs sorting before we can redecorate. We’re hoping to have both these issues fixed by the end of 2021.

  • Kitchen Phase 1

I’d love a new kitchen, but it’s not on the cards right now. Instead, I’m determined to give what’s there a whole new look for as little money as possible. We’ve booked a tiler for the end of May and we’re going to attempt to replace the tap and sink ourselves. I’m yet to make a firm decision on paint colours, but we’ll also be saying goodbye to the high-gloss black kitchen cabinets. Watch this space!

  • Hallway

Originally, the hallway, stairs and landing were a delicious shade of pale peach. I couldn’t stand it, so we gave the walls a quick coat of paint, replaced the ugly light fittings and added some storage for shoes and coats. It brightened up the space and made it more functional, but phase 2 is long overdue. It’s a big job requiring lots of prep. There’s a huge expanse of wall to paint and six doors to refinish. Hopefully, we’ll also get round to changing the flooring as the existing carpet is awful. I’m optimistic we can also complete this project in 2021. Cross your fingers for me!

  • Master Bedroom

We gave our bedroom a mini makeover a few years ago. It was a vast improvement, but it’s never felt quite right. I don’t think we’ll get to it until 2022, but once the windows have been replaced, I’d like to finish the room properly with wallpaper, curtains, better storage and lots of decorative touches. It has so much potential.

  • Izzy’s Bedroom

Izzy’s bedroom has been through a few different phases. The paint and wallpaper have stayed the same, but we upgraded her furniture a few years ago. She has the biggest wardrobe in the house, but being a teenager, most of her clothing is stored on the floor! Now Izzy’s 16 and about to finish secondary school, I’m planning to give this room a full makeover. As soon as we’ve fixed the issues with the roof, it’ll be next on my list.

  • The Garage & Exterior

I don’t know whether we’ll ever have the money to do it, but I’d love to convert our garage and create a couple of extra rooms downstairs. A teenage den/games room/library would be amazing and there would be space leftover for a studio too. We have zero curb appeal, so I’d also like to transform the front of the house and revamp the existing driveway.

  • I doubt I’ll ever feel like our home is ‘finished’, but I know we can get it to a place where outstanding tasks aren’t weighing heavily on my mind. At the same time, I want to acknowledge how far we’ve come and enjoy everything we’ve achieved so far. It’s not perfect, but it’s home.

If interiors are your thing, I share a blow-by-blow account of every DIY project we undertake over on Instagram Stories.

Love Audrey xxx

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