This time last year, we had just finished painting our hallway. It took an entire weekend and three coats of Little Greene’s Slaked Lime to cover the insipid peach walls we had inherited upon purchasing our house.

I had grand plans to rip up carpets, sand floorboards and ultimately create the kind of entryway I’d always dreamed of, but all we could afford back then was the paint. At the very least, I wanted light, bright walls before Christmas, and that was what I got.

Fast forward 12 months and it’s still all I’ve got. The boring beige carpet endures, and we’re yet to add the finishing touches I feel the space needs. Our hallway is perfectly functional, and most people wouldn’t even notice its shortcomings, but to my eye, it remains frustratingly unfinished.Decorating with Patience

I’m sensible enough to realise the work we’re doing to our home doesn’t even come close to the renovations undertaken by others. Almost everything we’ve tackled has been cosmetic. The place needs a lick of paint and an injection of personality, not major plumbing work and a new roof.

We looked at properties that did need those things. Grimy houses that smelt of damp and decay. A decrepit kitchen from the 1970s and a bathroom that made you feel like someone might have actually died in the tub. We tried to picture ourselves knocking down walls and rebuilding things from scratch, but in the end we knew we’d never make it work, not with two small children and both of us working from home.

For obvious reasons, minor DIY doesn’t carry the same sense of urgency as major renovations. While I seem to be acutely aware of my surroundings, Mr. LA appears oblivious. As long as his basic needs are met {food, running water, TV, bed}, he can live with sickly pale blue walls in the kitchen.Decorating with Patience

Although I appreciate how lucky we are to have a home at all, these words from a recent post on Holly’s Becker’s blog, Decor8, perfectly capture why I have days where all the things we haven’t done yet weigh heavily on my mind.

‘I can’t deal when rooms are upside down or incomplete, this makes me feel chaotic in my head. Can you relate? Home is my sanctuary, my place of love, peace, dreams and aspirations. If it’s a cluttered dump or piled with half-finished projects, I can’t give 100% to my family, friends or job.’

Despite my impatience, the decision to decorate slowly has been a deliberate one. Money, and the desire to avoid debt, plays a big part, but I always wanted this house to be much more considered than our last. I want a mixture of old and new furniture, artwork I adore and storage that meets our needs perfectly. These things take time.

So for now we’ll continue to live without a wardrobe, or even proper desks to work from! I’ll scour eBay for vintage finds and save my pennies for the living room rug we so desperately need. Early in the new year, the kitchen will finally get new tiles and a lick of paint. I’d like to think that by next Christmas our bedroom won’t make me weep with despair.

What do you think about decorating with patience? How do you cope with the chaos of an unfinished home?

Love Audrey xxx

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