It’s been a while since I updated you all on our DIY endeavours. It’s not that we haven’t been busy. The hallway and landing have had a fresh lick of paint, our huge open-plan living/dining room is almost finished and we’ve made even more progress in Isabel’s bedroom. So it isn’t that I haven’t had things to blog about, I’ve just been a bit rubbish at documenting our progress. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to get paint on my shiny DSLR?

I have a renewed sense of determination to share the gradual transformation of our home on the pages of Love Audrey, if only so we can look back on it all and see exactly how far we’ve come. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the changes we’ve made in our yarden.

{Wondering what on earth a yarden is? Keen to see a quick ‘before’ photo? Head over to this post before you read on.}

Painting the yarden

The deck was a real labour of love. Aside from the fact it was so physically demanding, the good old British weather ensured it took weeks to complete. Initially we purchased a pressure washer in the hope that a quick blast would lift most of the old stain. It worked a treat on the exposed portion of the deck, but the expanse beneath the canopy was much more stubborn. We then spent an entire evening applying a chemical stripper, which was much more successful but involved lots of scrubbing, strong fumes and another go on the pressure washer. Finally, we applied three coats of charcoal stain and all was right with the world. It dried beautifully and we’re thrilled with the finished look. However, I never want to stain a deck again.Ikea Garden Furniture

A few weeks later we were able to get some paint on the walls. We opted for Shallows by Little Greene and I can’t get enough of how light and bright the space now looks. It’s an unusual colour, reading white in bright light and pale grey in the shade, but with a sort of glassy blue quality that I love. I think it looks amazing with the dark grey decking. This was our first experience of Little Greene’s masonry paint and we were really pleased with both the application and the finish.

Finally unpacking the outdoor furniture we purchased way back in May was wonderful. Sitting on it of an evening and enjoying a glass of wine is pretty fabulous too. It’s all cheap and cheerful from Ikea. The sofa is the ENHOLMEN and the chairs are HÖGSTEN. So far, we’re totally enamoured with both. That sofa you guys! So comfy.

I thought I’d finish with a photo from my ‘proper’ camera as it shows the colours pretty accurately…Yarden

Obviously, there’s still plenty to do out here. Those gorgeous glazed pots from Homesense could do with some plants for a start. We want to buy a BBQ, I’m desperately trying to choose an outdoor rug and I can’t stop dreaming about festoon lights and lanterns. Still, it’s a start.

Have you been working on your outside space lately? Any other DIY projects on the go?

Love Audrey xxx

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