One of my favourite niche genres of content right now is Sunday reset routine reels on Instagram. I’ve always enjoyed learning about other people’s routines and rhythms and these {often heavily romanticised} mini-vlogs are addictive viewing. I don’t have the patience to artfully film and edit myself doing this stuff, but I’ll gladly write about it!

I’ve long used Sundays to gather my thoughts and prepare for the week ahead. You only need to flick through some of my old weekend posts to see we were ticking off certain tasks week in and week out when the children were little. Things have changed a lot since then, so here’s what our Sunday reset routine looks like now…

  • Laundry

I try to start the week with an empty laundry basket. I don’t always manage it, but setting the intention helps me get as close as possible. There’s usually a couple of loads to do on a Sunday and a few piles of clean laundry to put away. I also make sure Jesse’s school uniform is clean and ready for the following morning.

  • Diary Check-In

Carl and I always spend some time chatting about the week ahead. In this season of life, all four of us have different schedules so we need to make sure we’re on the same page and fully aware of what’s going on. Is Carl working away this week? What days will Izzy be in college? Is she working next weekend? Does she need picking up from rehearsals on Friday? How is Jesse getting to Taekwondo? I feel so much better when I’ve got everything straight in my head. These chats often generate a list of life admin too, so we know we need to make time for tasks like ordering prescriptions, booking appointments, paying for school trips etc.

  • Meal Plan / Grocery List / Online Shop

Checking our schedules also helps us meal plan for the week ahead. Once I know who I’m feeding and when, I’ll draw up a list of meals based on ingredients we already have. I add anything we don’t have to my grocery list and then do a quick sweep of the kitchen to see what needs restocking. I either book an online delivery slot or Carl heads in store a few days later. Either way, the big shop is always done or delivered on a Tuesday morning. A recent debate in my Instagram DMs suggests this is a controversial choice, but it works for us!

If I have a particularly busy week or a stretch of solo parenting coming up, I will also use Sunday morning for batch cooking. I might roast some veggies, make some hummus or prepare an easy salad for my lunches. Sometimes I’ll cook one of our evening meals in advance. I call it ‘being my future friend’! Anything to make life a little easier.

  • Bedroom & Bathroom Refresh

Our cleaning schedule {which I talked about on a recent episode of Friends With Business Benefits – How to Do Life and Run a Business} means weekends are usually housework free. However, we do tend to give our main bedroom and the upstairs bathroom a bit of a refresh on Sundays. Carl focuses on the bathroom and I pick up and put away the inevitable floordrobe that always seems to build up in our bedroom throughout the week.

  • Self-Care Sunday

Once we’ve got all the boring stuff out the way, my main priority on a Sunday is to rest and relax before the start of another busy week. We rarely make plans or venture far from home. I try to do something creative like letter writing or scrapbooking. Alternatively, we’ll stick a family movie on and curl up on the sofa with snacks. Sunday dinner is also part of our weekly rhythm. I don’t always cook a roast, but we try to eat a nice meal together and it’s the one day of the week we tend to have a ‘proper’ dessert.

My evening rhythm followed by an early night is always important, but never more so than on a Sunday. I hate waking up tired on a Monday morning!

  • So that’s our Sunday reset routine. It’s a lot of adulting. Sometimes I feel nostalgic for the true lazy Sundays of my youth. They were usually spent hungover in front of the Hollyoaks omnibus on T4…

Love Audrey xxx

P.S. My Morning Rhythm

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