It already feels like a lifetime has passed since Mr.LA and I landed at the small, airy airport on the island of Koh Samui. Despite flying without children for the first time in our entire history of travelling together, neither of us felt particularly rested at the end of the flight. Try as we might, we just couldn’t manage more than about 30 minutes of resting our eyes.

After changing planes at Bangkok, and being forced to sit apart on the second, much shorter, flight to Samui we finally began our decent towards the island of Samui. My weariness was almost entirely forgotten as soon as my eyes fixed upon the view from the nearest window of the plane. I could see white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and rocky mountains covered in luscious green jungle. I craned my neck in an attempt to catch my husband’s eye. We were both brimming with excitement.

Our hotel was a brief car journey away. We had purposefully chosen to stay in a quiet part of the island, being naturally drawn to the tranquillity Thailand has to offer, as opposed to its more hedonistic aspects. The area known as Choeng Mon encompasses the northeast ‘corner’ of the island and provides an excellent base from which to explore the rest of Samui.

The Sala Samui Hotel was exquisite. We could only stretch to one of their cheapest rooms, but, well, we were hardly slumming it. Take a look for yourselves…


The room was light, spacious and airy. The bed was huge and incredibly comfy. There was ample space for lounging on the balcony, and the open air bathroom was a joy to bathe and shower in. It was, quite simply, heaven.

The rest of the hotel is made up of a series of garden rooms and villas, each with their own private pool. I would love to go back with the children one day and take advantage of the space offered by this type of accommodation. When we’ve travelled as a family in the past we’ve always crammed ourselves into one hotel room. Being able to have separate bedrooms and additional living space would be quite a luxury. Plus we would be able to do away with our nightly ritual of hiding out in the bathroom while the children drift off to sleep!

The beach and pool didn’t disappoint either, and when it came to soaking up the sun we really did divide our time equally between the two.

Choeng Mon beach is quiet and incredibly picturesque. We took a kayak out one afternoon and looking back at the island from way out at sea was pretty breathtaking. Our photos don’t do it justice at all…

The beach is littered with restaurants and we sampled food from plenty of them. I will regale you with tales of Samui’s culinary delights in another post, but suffice to say the seafood was out of this world. For our very first meal of the holiday we wandered barefoot along the beach before taking a seat in a huge dining area right on the sand. We ate prawns the size of my fist and a curry filled with enormous chunks of melt-in-your-mouth fish.

Anyway, I suspect that’s quite enough of my ramblings for one day. Picking out the photos for this post has made me feel terribly wistful. How soon can we go back?

Have you ever visited Thailand? Has this post piqued your interest?

Loveaudrey xxx

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