‘But I don’t want to go, I don’t want it to be over’.

I looked into my husband’s eyes and wished we could stay frozen in the moment forever, that our wedding day could go on indefinitely, that our guests would keep dancing, that the party would never end. People around us were clapping and cheering. The best man replaced the microphone on the table having finished his announcement and we reluctantly headed towards the door of the ballroom. I waved energetically at the blurred faces of our friends and family and, knowing that the experience was fleeting, tried to burn the image of them smiling and cheering at us into my mind forever.

We walked through the bar and along the dimly lit corridor towards the exit of Heatherden Hall. A crowd slowly gathered behind us and followed us towards the weighty oak doors. We were stalled by something, I struggle to recall what now. Perhaps a key player was missing, a parent or a bridesmaid. I saw our photographer through the window, camera poised, ready to capture our departure. I remember thinking she must be cold.

They were ready for us, and we stepped out into the cold night air. I looked straight ahead of me, and then down at the red carpet beneath my feet, as we were pelted with hundreds of pressed flower petals. Everyone whooped and cheered and the homemade confetti whirled and twirled though the air. I shook it from my fringe and dusted it from my lips before throwing my arms round our parents to say thank you and goodbye. We posed for one final photo and Izzy hurled the last of her petals over us.

I hugged Eliza who was suddenly there at my side. ‘Stay in touch,’ she said, ‘after the photos I mean’. ‘I’m afraid you’re stuck with me!’ I joked, inwardly wondering if everyone wants to be best friends with their wedding photographer.

The driver opened the door and I slid into the car. Carl was beside me moments later and we waved at the crowd that had gathered to see us off, until their cheers and laughter could no longer be heard and we were too far away to be seen through the velvety darkness of the cold January night.

‘I’m your wife’ I whispered, holding Carl’s hand in mine.

‘I know. I’m your husband’ he replied.

Back in the hotel room I slipped into the bathroom to undress. I removed my pale grey pencil skirt and folded it neatly on top of my suitcase, stowed there earlier that day to give my bridesmaids more room to get ready.

I had my back to the mirror as I unbuttoned the matching jacket. I slowly lifted my black top over my head, looking down at the tiled floor of the bathroom as I did so.

A sudden burst of confetti cascaded over my bare feet and the tiled floor was bathed in petals. Pale gold with tiny flecks of blue and purple and pink. I laughed out loud, pushing open the bathroom door as I did, and begun to tell my husband what had just happened.

Loveaudrey xxx

My ‘Going Away’ outfit ~ Suit {past season}, shoes and clutch from LK Bennett, black body {worn underneath} from net-a-porter, pearl bracelet {just seen} by Erin Cox, and a bespoke hat from Hello Strumpet. Overwhelming love, joy and happiness: Model’s own 😉  

Photography copyright (c) 2012 Eliza Claire She’s a genius. Book her, book her NOW.  

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