After entertaining what felt like a constant stream of visitors over Christmas and New Year, we’ve had a delightfully slow start to 2015. The house was full of good friends and chaos on the 1st, so in a break from tradition I decided to wait a few days before reflecting on 2014 and sharing my hopes for the year ahead.

As it’s become something of an annual ritual, you can read my previous posts here before diving into the words and pictures below.

Looking back…

2014 was a huge turning point for me professionally. Although I’ve been self-employed for almost three years, I feel as if I only truly made the decision to strike out on my own around 12 months ago. Since then, work has been wonderfully varied and exhilarating.

During the summer, I travelled across the country to attend numerous celebrations as an associate writer for The Wedding Reporter, working tirelessly to produce what I believe is some of my best writing to date. Surviving my first real season as a wedding supplier alongside the demands of the school holidays felt like a huge achievement. The experience deepened my passion for weddings and strengthened my dedication to Emma’s business.Love Audrey Hello 2015

Since the start of the new academic year in September, I’ve been focussing on copywriting projects and social media management, primarily for small, independent wedding businesses. I’ve worked with some truly inspiring individuals and I’ve been incredibly proud of the words I’ve produced on their behalf.

Alongside this, I’ve also taken a few tentative steps towards creating a modest stream of revenue here on Love Audrey. As readers, you played an integral part in the opportunities I worked hard to create for myself in 2014, and for that I am deeply grateful. Love Audrey Hello 2015Love Audrey Hello 2015

As a family, our first full year in Bristol featured many adventures. We explored more of our new city and made plenty of memories. With two broken bones {my toe and Jesse’s arm}, multiple trips to A&E and the odd stomach bug, I can’t say they were all good, but I guess that’s real life!

The children are definitely much more settled than they were this time last year. They’re both growing up fast, and as their very distinctive personalities continue to evolve, I find myself enjoying time spent with them more than anything else.Love Audrey Hello 2015

It feels like holidays were few and far between for us in 2014, but Mr. LA and I did manage a weekend away in Paris to celebrate ten years together.Love Audrey Hello 2015

We also enjoyed a blissfully sunny stay at my parent’s house in Dorset towards the end of July as well as another, much colder visit back in October. You can read about them both here. A Bristol staycation also provided some much needed R&R at the end of the hectic six week summer holiday. We may not have made it overseas, but the children certainly had plenty of beach time in 2014!     Love Audrey Hello 2015

Looking forward…

At the beginning of 2014, I resolved to push myself far beyond the confines of my comfort zone in order to move forward creatively and professionally. This decision created a year that was often overwhelming and occasionally terrifying, but one that was also filled with challenging and rewarding projects that have helped me truly find my feet as a freelance writer. I’m aiming for more of the same in 2015.

At work and at home, I feel I’m entering the new year with a clear idea of my goals and intentions. I realised recently that striving to achieve someone else’s standard of success is an easy way to ensure you’ll always feel as if you’re failing. Establishing my own definition of what it means to be successful has given me a renewed sense of purpose and it’s this that I want to guide me through the coming months. In a little over a week, Love Audrey will be relaunching with a brand new look. I’m excited and nervous in equal measure. My hope is that you’ll love it as much as I do.

Finally, I’m determined to create more in 2015, to read often, and write the things that are in my heart as well as on my mind. I want to remember that being too busy to do the things I love means I need to address my priorities rather than find more hours in the day. I hope to satisfy my wanderlust this year, plan an adventure and travel further afield with my family. I want to see old friends and make new ones too.

How about you? What are your hopes and dreams for 2015?

Love Audrey xxx

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