Oh ladies, I’ve had such a thrilling afternoon! I tried on my very first wedding dress! It was so much fun twirling around in front of the mirror, playing dress-up. Izzy relished the experience, although I can tell she’s baffled as to why I don’t want to buy the biggest, pouffiest meringue in the shop! I guess when you’re 5 and a half your perception of glamour is fairly narrow (curse you Disney and all of your princesses).

After reading all the excellent advice you kindly left in the comments of yesterday’s post I’m feeling much more focused. I’m going to follow my instincts and go with ideas I’ve had floating round my own head rather than worrying about what everyone else is expecting me to do. Trying on the dresses today really helped clarify things for me. I’m sure I’m going to be just like my mother who was dragged round countless bridal shops but ultimately ended going back for the very first dress she tried on!

This evenings plans involve a lonesome evening in with only my Gossip Girl box set for company. Mr. LA is working away (again) and I’ve just realised we’ve no chocolate in the house. Damn.

How about you ladies, any glamorous plans for this evening?

Loveaudrey xxx

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