I realised that I hadn’t featured Dita in a Friday night post for a while. Here she is looking stunning. Whenever I see pictures of her I feel a desperate need to discover all her beauty secrets, her skin always looks so flawless and lit from within. I think her beauty book is due out in time for Christmas, I can’t wait!

I’m cheating a little this week and writing this before I leave for work. I actually have glamorous plans for this evening that involve leaving the comfy confines of my sofa! The Post Graduate Union is hosting an informal welcome party at a local bar so I’ll be donning a pair of heels (and probably grabbing my brolly if this rain keeps up) and drinking a few cocktails with some of my fellow students.

You may have noticed that I rarely go out (kids hey, who’d have ’em!!). I have to admit that my lack of social life leaves me feeling somewhat sartorially challenged when faced with an invitation such as this. What to wear, what to wear?? I will no doubt spend most of my shift at work trying to decide! Hopefully, I’ll think of something, I have been known to back out of such gatherings simply because I can’t decide on an outfit!

How about you ladies, any glamorous plans for the first Friday of October? What would you wear to such an event?

Loveaudrey xxx

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