I’ve always lacked the commitment and consistency required for documenting monthly favourites. To be honest, I don’t buy or try new things often enough to keep that kind of content interesting anyway.

Somehow a seasonal approach seems more achievable, so going forward I plan to check in every three months with a handful of items that are rocking my world.

Read on for the spring edition of my Current Obsessions…

It takes some seriously warm weather to convince me to ditch knitwear completely. I really feel the cold, so I’m the kind of person who likes to carry a cardi even during the height of summer.

This lightweight cotton jumper is perfect as we transition into spring and I’ve been wearing it with everything. It seems to work equally well with tailored trousers or skinny jeans and I can see myself throwing it on with denim cut-offs come summer too.

Once upon a time, I was a slave to New Look and Primark’s finest cheap ballet flats. I wore each precious pair until they fell apart, which often only took a few weeks. Eventually, I couldn’t bear the thought of sending anymore shoes to landfill, so I decided to invest in better quality and see where it got me.

A few years later, and the soft leather Prior Ballerina Flats have become a staple in my wardrobe. With next to no breaking in required, they also happen to be a perfect fit for my narrow feet. I want them in navy next.

I’ve always been a fan of Caroline Hirons and her down-to-earth, practical skin care advice. Her blog, and specifically her cheat sheets, pretty much revolutionised the way I treat my face and I’ve been a devoted double cleanser for years now. I had an inkling I’d love her first product for Pixi and I felt very special indeed when she took the time to personally send me a pot.

As I expected, it’s practically perfect in every way. The solid cleansing oil is a real workhorse, removing dirt and grime with minimal effort, while the luxurious cleansing cream leaves my skin feeling seriously soft. I’ll definitely be repurchasing in the future and buying it for friends when the opportunity arises.

A Kiehls store recently opened in Paddington Station and it’s been both a blessing and a curse. My skin definitely looks better for it, but my wallet has a few reservations! Overspending aside, I was excited to finally try this much-hyped facial oil.

While it’s never going to replace Clarins Orchid Face Treatment Oil as my all-time favourite, it’s definitely secured a place in my skin care hall of fame. It smells nice and earthy upon application and my face feels smooth, soft and replenished come morning.

I’ve used Creme de Corps on and off for years and whenever I revisit this amazing body butter, I wonder why I ever strayed. It’s non-greasy, it sinks in quickly, hydrates like nothing else I’ve tried and gives my skin a gorgeous dewy glow. I really should buy it in bulk.

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Love Audrey xxx

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