It’s award season! I’m endlessly inspired by both fashion and film, so the period between November and March when most significant film award events take place, is something I always look forward to. I love the red carpet coverage and I’m probably the Glambot’s biggest fan. I enjoy seeing cinema and storytelling celebrated, not to mention the hard work and creative vision of those involved. I love the build-up and the buzz and the sheer glamour of it all!

But the thing I love most, the thing I wake up excited to watch the morning after each event, is the acceptance speeches.

‘I’d Like to Thank…’

Whether heartfelt and tearful or rousing and political, there’s something about the way these award winners accept their accolades that gets me right in the feels.

It’s the moment they register their name has been called, the way they rise from their seat and make their way on stage. It’s the shock, disbelief and joy written across their faces, and the double take they do as their eyes land on the prestigious object they’ve just been handed.

And then they launch into a speech.

Sometimes they bring notes or it’s obvious they’ve been rehearsing {a few hundred times in the mirror to an audience of one, when all this was just a dream}. Occasionally, they’re chaotic and endearing. They make a few key points and manage to thank the right people, but their words are punctuated by tears. There’s also those who make speeches that feel wonderfully off-the-cuff but also funny, poignant and moving. They quote their high school drama teacher or share something about the moment they fell in love with their craft, and that’s it, I’m a puddle of tears.

To be honest, most acceptance speeches make me cry. I love watching people win, witnessing what is often a literal dream-come-true. Whether they’re cast or crew, a familiar face or someone who never appears this side of the camera, we get to see what the moment means to them. They thank the most important people in their lives and many share what they’ve had to overcome in order to achieve success. Through this, we’re given some sense of what it feels like to pursue a creative career, work hard, hone your craft, make art and be celebrated.

It’s Not Just About the Winners

I also watch award shows for the losers. Not to admire their gracious-loser faces or revel in their failure, but to remind myself that this too is part of what it means to be successful.

Just look at Leo. After missing out on the Oscar for Best Actor five times, he finally won in 2016. Being repeatedly snubbed by the Academy made for some good jokes and memes, but I often wonder how he felt about it all. Did he feel successful without his Oscar? Was that the moment he felt like he’d made it? What’s he striving for now he’s shifted from humble Oscar nominee to celebrated winner? Another Oscar?!

And the Oscar Goes to…

I don’t know much about the accolades available in my industry and I have no plans to enter any ballots, but award season always prompts me to think about the things that make me feel like I’m winning.

In my line of work, that gold-plated statuette can take many forms. Positive feedback, glowing reviews, repeat business or a referral from another client. It could also be money in the bank, taking the whole of August off or the ability to pick and choose who I work with. Sometimes it’s as simple as writing something I’m really proud of.

The way I define success changes from one year to the next, but I’m always inspired by people achieving their dreams and those who keep going even when that gold envelope doesn’t contain their name.

How about you? What makes you feel like you’re winning?

Love Audrey xxx

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Photo by Kier in Sight on Unsplash

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