Winter Warmers Wish List with Joules

Joules Navy Shark Print Coat

I’ve always shopped at Joules for the children. Look closely and you’ll probably spot their distinctive mix of bright colours and bold patterns in many of my photos. At the risk of sounding like my mother, I appreciate the quality of their clothing and the fact much of it seems to be designed with the great outdoors in mind. Goodness knows that’s where Isabel and Jesse are happiest!

We’re holidaying in Dorset this week and they’ve already spent hours frolicking on blustery beaches, chasing waves and getting very wet! Their old welly boots have served them well and Jesse’s fleece lined coat has definitely helped protect him from the elements.   Joules Navy Shark Print Coat Joules Boys Shark Print Coat

While the kids are well kitted out for whatever the weather can throw at them, my own wardrobe is looking a little sparse. So far, all I’ve done to prepare for the inevitable cold snap is dig out my thick black coat and stock up on tights. At some point I’m going to have to trade in my peep toe clogs for something a little more practical.

After a spot of online window shopping, I’ve managed to compile a wish list of winter warmers that I simply cannot survive without. Joules has plenty of cosy layers and stylish knitwear to choose from, but it’s the simplest pieces I find myself lusting after the most, the well made cold weather staples that can be worn any number of ways. Joules Womens Winter Fashion

This cable knit jumper, a super soft denim dress and a blouse with a pretty Peter Pan collar are the objects of my desire. Classic Breton stripes and a flourish of bright red tartan check add just the right amount of pattern and interest.

I could go on and on, there’s plenty I’d like to bring home in a shopping bag! If something has taken your fancy, you might be interested to know that Joules are currently running a small campaign over on Instagram {@joulesclothing}. Simply share an image of your favourite Joules piece on your own account using the tag #MerryWishmas and you’ll be in with a chance of winning that item every week between now and Christmas. How exciting!

In the meantime, I really can’t resist that checked scarf any longer…

Love Audrey xxx

This is a collaborative post.

Love Audrey Adores ~ Distinctive Home Accessories from Culture Vulture Direct

Zinc Frame

A memory from our wedding day in black and white, enclosed behind glass in a beautiful zinc frame c/o Culture Vulture Direct, is the latest addition to our ever growing gallery of family photographs. After years of confining hundreds of images to the hard drive of my computer, I’m now determined to surround myself with as many memories as possible. There’s certainly plenty to choose from. Take this week for example, we’re currently visiting my parents in Dorset and I’ve probably taken approximately 800 photos since Friday.

I pulled these particular pictures out while Mr. LA was overseas and the children and I were stuck at home battling a ghastly tummy bug. I’m terribly susceptible to sentimental daydreams when my husband is away. Think evenings spent pining for my beau like a lovesick teenager. It’s quite pathetic.

Mawkish tendencies aside, these snapshots are pretty perfect if you ask me. I love the simplicity of these frames and the dreamy look they create. I plan to play around with the two I have a little more, perhaps adding a few items of ephemera, like ticket stubs, stamps and small handwritten notes. Found objects and items foraged from nature, such as pressed flowers and fallen leaves, would work well too.

I was immediately drawn to the eclectic array of goods on offer at Culture Vulture Direct. Celebrating the creativity of artisans from around the world, much of the range showcases traditional crafts with a contemporary twist. While the collection includes everything from exotic furniture and colourful clothing to delicious food and wonderfully scented toiletries, it’s the unique range of home accessories that has me browsing for hours on end. You must take a look at the Christmas department too, it’s pretty special. My wish list seems to grow by the second!

Love Audrey xxx

My frames were a gift from Culture Vulture Direct, but all words and opinions are my own.

My weekend has mainly been spent…

Vintage Desk Retro Wallpaper

  • Trying not to laugh when Jesse came into our room at 5.55am to tell us he was being a really good boy and waiting until the sun was awake before climbing into our bed.
  • Stifling giggles when he came back 10 minutes later to tell us he was still being a good boy and taking himself off to the toilet.
  • Burying my head in the pillow when he wandered in 10 minutes later still to tell us he was continuing to be a good boy, but that he was starting to get a bit lonely.
  • Letting him climb into bed for a cuddle.
  • Giving up and heading downstairs.
  • Sipping tea on the sofa.
  • Delightedly opening the door to the Ocado man. Our cupboards had been decidedly bare for quite a while.
  • Unloading the shopping while the children watched The Princess and the Frog.
  • Contemplating my deep love of Disney films.
  • Enjoying an omelette for breakfast, heavy on the hot sauce.
  • Lingering in the shower.
  • Slipping on clean PJs.
  • Stealing away to Izzy’s room. I desperately needed to catch up on work after losing a few days to a rotten sickness bug earlier in the week {yup, I caught it too}.
  • Listening to the children play with their father.
  • Writing 1000 words before lunch.
  • Tucking into a fish finger sandwich.
  • Retreating back upstairs.
  • Writing again.
  • Welcoming the kids and Mr. LA back from the park.
  • Considering how much I love the rosy glow the children get after a walk in the cold.
  • Listening to Izzy practice her guitar.
  • Drinking hot chocolate.
  • Writing some more.
  • Packing up and pouring myself a glass of wine.
  • Cooking and eating spaghetti bolognaise.
  • Snuggling up on the sofa for a family movie night.
  • Nibbling onion ring crisps and haribo.
  • Having a quick dance around the living room while the final credits rolled.
  • Laughing at Jesse’s elaborate attempts at pulling shapes.
  • Tucking the children into bed.
  • Squeezing in a few episodes of Peep Show before bed.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Stumbling downstairs in search of tea.
  • Eating fried egg sandwiches for breakfast.
  • Squirreling away in Izzy’s room again.
  • Daydreaming when I should have been writing.
  • Writing, writing, writing.
  • Grabbing lunch and waving everyone off as they headed to Clifton for Izzy’s drama class.
  • Moving my laptop downstairs.
  • Listening to the Amelie soundtrack while I worked.
  • Drinking tea and eating chocolate.
  • Immersing myself in the wedding I was writing about. From the flowers and the cake to the way the groom looked at his bride.
  • Marvelling at just how much I love my job.
  • Pausing briefly to tidy up. I struggle to clear my mind when I can see chaos everywhere I look.Or you know, procrastination.
  • Lighting candles and making another cup of tea.
  • Writing some more.
  • Finally feeling as if the finish line were within my reach.
  • Warming baked beans on the hob as the children piled in through the front door with their father.
  • Squabbling about travel arrangements for half term.
  • Reading bedtime stories and giving goodnight kisses.
  • Ordering a Chinese and looking forward to an evening spent relaxing on the sofa.

Love Audrey xxx

My weekend has mainly been spent…

Izzy Unwell

If I had the energy to write this post properly it would simply say ‘cleaned up vomit, cried tears of exhaustion, cleaned up more vomit’. My weekend series might be about finding beauty amidst the mundane, collecting memories and striving to appreciate simple moments spent together as a family, but even I would struggle to craft something worth reading from the 48 hours I’ve just had.

With Mr. LA out of the country, I’ve been flying solo since Thursday. The cupboards are bare, I’ve run out of wine and I’ve done more laundry in the last two days than I normally would in an entire year. Things are finally looking up though. Both children are asleep, I’ve just ordered a take away, and I even managed a shower this afternoon. Who knows, tomorrow I might actually get dressed!

In the absence of my weekly bullet points, do tell me how you spent your weekend? I’m guessing it was more fun than mine.

Love Audrey xxx

My weekend has mainly been spent…

Lotta From Stockholm Tan Peep Toe Clogs Autumn Leaves Autumn Playground Collecting Conkers October Autumn Weekend Autumn Light Child Swinging in Tree

  • Lying on the sofa bed in our living room. We had given up our room as my parents were staying for the weekend.
  • Waking up as Jesse ambled in, followed closely by my mum.
  • Sipping tea and trying to clear my head.
  • Accompanying mum to the walk-in centre. She arrived full of cold on Friday afternoon and was feeling pretty awful by the time she woke up. She’s a nurse herself and never gets ill, or rather she never complains when she is, so the fact she wanted someone to check her over had me a little worried.
  • Heading home for breakfast when they advised her that the best thing she could do was take it easy.
  • Deciding a lazy day was the best possible course of action, considering how rotten my mum felt and the fact it was raining heavily.
  • Slipping back into my brand new pyjamas. I do love Next for nightwear.
  • Serving up brunch. Pancakes and crispy bacon with lashings of maple syrup is always a good idea.
  • Lounging around, chatting and reading, while the children watched Brave.
  • Warming some soup for lunch.
  • Surviving a baking disaster with the children. Does anyone have a foolproof recipe for the Scandinavian spiced biscuits known as ‘Pepperkaker’? Let’s just say the one we tried didn’t quite go according to plan!
  • Watching the rain clouds disappear.
  • Deciding to take a walk to the park while my mum rested on the sofa.
  • Slipping on a frock and wrapping up warm in my winter coat.
  • Trailing after Jesse as he sped ahead on his scooter.
  • Enjoying the October sunshine. St George’s Park looked spectacularly golden.
  • Watching the children play on the climbing frame.
  • Hunting for conkers.
  • Searching for other signs of autumn with Izzy.
  • Closely examining tiny bugs among the cow parsley.
  • Racing after Jesse as he scooted down the hill with Mr. LA at his side.
  • Letting Izzy swing on the low branches of an old tree.
  • Slowly meandering home.
  • Drinking tea and reading the paper.
  • Cooking fish pie and apple scrumble.
  • Sipping wine and joining in with the Telegraph pub quiz. It’s one of my favourite things to do with my parents.
  • Eating too much.
  • Saying goodnight to my mum when she headed upstairs for an early night.
  • Sitting up late, talking with Mr. LA and my bonus dad.
  • Discovering The Cup Song. I know we’re probably very late to the party, but Izzy and I are now obsessed. We shall master it if it kills us.
  • Feeling a tiny bit tipsy as I clambered into bed.
  • Wishing Jesse would sleep past 7am.
  • Dozing while he watched cartoons.
  • Delivering warm lemon and honey to my mum.
  • Helping Mr. LA fix fried egg sandwiches for breakfast.
  • Waving my parents off.
  • Diving into the shower.
  • Deciding to spend the day in my PJs. Again.
  • Catching up on chores.
  • Pottering in the yarden.
  • Hanging laundry out to dry.
  • Grabbing lunch and packing Izzy off to a new performing arts class in Clifton.
  • Making mugs of hot chocolate for me and Jesse.
  • Curling up on the sofa to watch Wall-E.
  • Enjoying the peace, quiet and cuddles.
  • Sitting with Jess, watching him work on filling up another colouring book.
  • Listening to Kate Bush while I busied myself in the kitchen.
  • Serving up a huge pasta bake just as Mr. LA and Izzy tumbled in through the door.
  • Wrestling the children into the shower.
  • Helping them pull on their PJs, giving good night kisses and reading bedtime stories.
  • Planning to collapse on the sofa any minute now…

Love Audrey xxx

My weekend has mainly been spent…

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Bristol Gourmet Burger Kitchen Bristol Izzy and Franky College Green Bristol Jesse throwing a tantrum Nutella French Toast Roll Ups Apple Scrumble Birthday Candles Izzy

  • Trying to persuade Jesse to go back to sleep until the sun came up.
  • Lingering beneath the covers for as long as possible.
  • Dragging myself downstairs for a cup of tea.
  • Snuggling on the sofa with the children while we all waited for Mr. LA’s brother to surface. He’s been staying with us for the last week.
  • Grabbing a quick breakfast and jumping in the shower.
  • Pulling on a frock, black opaques and my beloved Lotta clogs. They’re rarely off my feet and I’m already planning my next purchase.
  • Riding the bus into town.
  • Slowly making our way up Park Street.
  • Popping into the Music Room to buy a songbook for Izzy. She’s just started learning the guitar and so far she’s really enjoying it.
  • Stopping for lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. So much love for their Camemburger. And the sweet potato fries. And the baconnaise.
  • Eating too much.
  • Continuing up the hill to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Trailing after the children as they rushed from room to room, marvelling at dinosaurs, exotic animals and curious rocks and minerals.
  • Listening to them both chatter about the paintings and sculptures on display. This was actually the first time Jesse showed any interest in the art galleries and I really enjoyed hearing his take on things.
  • Popping to a few shops before meandering back to the harbourside.
  • Dodging the crowds as we strolled past the market stalls.
  • Waiting patiently for a bus.
  • Doing my best to ignore Jesse as he threw a tantrum that involved rolling around on the floor and whinging loudly.
  • Feeling sleepy all the way home.
  • Collapsing on the sofa.
  • Drinking tea and waiting for our online shop to be delivered.
  • Packing groceries away while the children played.
  • Cooking and eating Asian Style Salmon and Noodle Broth.
  • Wrestling the children into the bath.
  • Reading Jesse a few chapters from The Twits*. Oh how we love Roald Dahl!
  • Sipping wine as the men agonised over which film to watch.
  • Giving up on Sinister half way through. Not my cup of tea at all.
  • Falling into bed around midnight.
  • Waking up to early morning cuddles from Jesse.
  • Drifting in and out of sleep.
  • Eventually making my brother-in-law a birthday breakfast while Mr. LA wrapped his presents.
  • Waking the birthday boy and tucking into Nutella French Toast Roll Ups.
  • Spending most of the morning in the kitchen.
  • Discovering Pushkin Press via an interview on BBC Radio 6. I’ll be ordering Izzy The Letter for the King*. It sounds fabulous.
  • Making scrumble {again} with windfall apples from my neighbours garden.
  • Cooking up a huge pot of chicken, sausage and prawn jambalaya.
  • Chatting and laughing our way through lunch.
  • Lighting candles and singing happy birthday.
  • Watching The Addams Family. The children had never seen it before and I’d forgotten how funny it is.
  • Falling asleep on the sofa.
  • Frantically finishing my chores when I realised the time.
  • Making the children beans on toast for supper.
  • Coaxing them into the bath.
  • Reading bedtime stories and giving goodnight kisses.
  • Feeling too lazy to cook.
  • Munching on haribo and popcorn instead.
  • Being banished to our bedroom so the men can watch Game of Thrones.
  • Looking forward to curling up underneath my duvet and falling asleep very soon.

Love Audrey xxx

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