My weekend has mainly been spent…

The Shed The Weekend Clifton Suspension Bridge Clifton Suspension Brifge Pulled Pork and Chocolate Brownies The Weekend Spring Chicken The Weekend The Weekend

  • Waking up as Jesse climbed into our bed.
  • Wishing we could sleep a little longer.
  • Dragging myself downstairs for tea and snuggles on the sofa.
  • Missing Izzy who was away with my parents for a few nights.
  • Unpacking the Ocado delivery.
  • Frantically preparing the house for guests.
  • Cursing my general slovenliness and dreaming of the day we can afford a cleaner.
  • Jumping in the shower.
  • Pulling on my clothes, applying my makeup and drying my hair.
  • Waiting patiently for our friends to arrive.
  • Greeting Rich and Stuart at the door.
  • Drinking tea and catching up.
  • Slipping a shoulder of pork into the oven.
  • Driving to the city centre.
  • Wandering to the harbourside.
  • Enjoying cider and PIE at The Stable.
  • Crossing the water and strolling down to The Matthew.
  • Slowly making our way back to the car,
  • Driving to Clifton.
  • Walking across the Downs.
  • Admiring Clifton Suspension Bridge.
  • Watching some newlyweds stop traffic as they posed before the breathtaking view.
  • Making our way over to the other side.
  • Snapping photos and having a giggle.
  • Retracing our steps back to the car.
  • Zooming home for a sit down and a cuppa.
  • Making Jesse supper and coaxing him into bed.
  • Sipping wine and mixing up homemade BBQ sauce for the pulled pork.
  • Making Everyday Brownies for dessert. So good.
  • Eating too much.
  • Drinking mojitos and talking late into the night.
  • Finally tumbling into bed around 1am.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Waking up with a hangover.
  • Somehow managing to cook Sunday dinner for 8 people.
  • Welcoming Izzy home.
  • Listening to her tales from the last few days. A belated birthday treat from my parents, she had visited the Roald Dahl Museum, seen Matilda at the theatre and dined at Carluccios. Lucky girl.
  • Relishing time with my mum.
  • Remembering just how delicious Nigella’s Spring Chicken is. Such a flavoursome dish and, as the name would suggest, perfect for this time of year.
  • Pondering our plans for the yarden with my Bonus Dad.
  • Waving goodbye to my parents and heading to the park in the sunshine.
  • Watching the children frolic and play.
  • Cheering them on as they clambered over fallen trees.
  • Eventually dragging them home for a rest.
  • Feeling excited for summer.
  • Wishing Rich and Stuart didn’t have to leave.
  • Fighting the urge to nap.
  • Failing.
  • Putting the children to bed.
  • Feeling too tired to cook.
  • Ordering a cheeky takeaway.
  • Needing an early night.

Love Audrey xxx

My weekend has mainly been spent…

The Weekend The Bear Pit Bristol Street Art The Canteen The Weekend

  • Wishing the children would sleep in.
  • Heading downstairs in a daze to lounge on the sofa and drink tea.
  • Making pancakes.
  • Having a very lazy day. We stayed in our PJs and pottered.
  • Finally replacing the shelves in Jesse’s room. We’re in love with the Greenaway Gallery Bookcase from Great Little Trading Co.
  • Wondering if I should curb my book buying habit when a few titles wouldn’t fit. I’m now on the hunt for baskets to corral the overflow.
  • Catching up on a little housework.
  • Persuading the children to tidy their rooms.
  • Cooking and eating Greekish Butter Beans. The feta is definitely the best bit.
  • Listening to the children play in the bath.
  • Reading Jesse a bedtime story.
  • Marking Doris Day’s 90th birthday by watching April in Paris with Izzy.
  • Sipping on Crabbie’s ginger beer.
  • Whisking Izzy up to bed and settling down for a night in front of the TV with Carl.
  • Watching Lost and snacking on crispbread and houmous.
  • Laughing as we caught Jesse peering in through the living room door. When we quized him on what he’d seen we realised he’d been there for at least 15 minutes. Sneaky.
  • Marching him back upstairs to bed.
  • Staying up too late.
  • Collapsing into bed and falling asleep immediately.
  • Waking up to the sound of Carl opening the front door for the Ocado delivery.
  • Unpacking groceries while half asleep.
  • Drinking tea and watching cartoons.
  • Eating poached eggs and pastrami for breakfast.
  • Grabbing a quick shower and pulling on my clothes.
  • Wearing red lipstick for the first time in weeks.
  • Persuading the children to get dressed.
  • Smothering a piece of pork in smoked paprika before slipping it into the oven.
  • Making our way into town on the bus.
  • Wandering through the Bearpit towards Stokes Croft.
  • Pausing to admire the street art. It’s an amazing area, there’s something beautiful at every turn. The children loved it.
  • Sampling a Sunday roast at The Canteen. Izzy and I really enjoyed the veggie option, but the boys were less impressed with their beef. We loved the laidback feel of the place though and would definitely give it a second chance.
  • Strolling back to Cabot Circus for a spot of shopping.
  • Treating the children to a Krispy Kreme doughnut for dessert.
  • Picking up a statement necklace in Accessorize.
  • Loving how it looks next to my Binky boucle jacket from Great Plains {£110 reduced to £33, crazy bargain}.
  • Catching the bus home.
  • Snuggling up on the sofa to watch Frozen.
  • Getting all the songs stuck in my head.
  • Drinking tea and eating slices of toasted hot cross bun loaf.
  • Shredding the veg for southern style slaw.
  • Slicing fresh mint and chili while Carl pulled apart the pork.
  • Plating up and sitting down to eat.
  • Deciding this might just be my favourite pulled pork recipe yet.
  • Clearing the kitchen while the children played.
  • Plunging them into the bath.
  • Reading Hairy Maclarey and Rosie’s Walk.
  • Giving goodnight kisses.
  • Feeling sleepy.
  • Sitting down to write this post while Izzy lounges on the sofa.
  • Trying not to worry about juggling work during the Easter holidays.

Love Audrey xxx

Five Things for Friday


Something to read:-

My writing is over on The Wedding Reporter Blog today. Hopefully, The Legacy of Wedding Reports will give you some insight into why I’m so passionate about the work I do as Emma’s associate writer. I have three weddings coming up in the next three months and I couldn’t be more excited.

Something to eat:-

Have you tried Warburton’s Hot Cross Bun loaf yet? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the stuff since I sampled it last weekend. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that, it’s just really tasty.

Something to wear:-

I pretty much want everything from the new NW3 collection at Hobbs. A girl can dream.

Something to covet:-

We’re getting close to finally setting up our own bar trolley at home. We’ve got the perfect spot and the perfect print to furnish the wall above it, but I haven’t been able to commit to anything else. Decisions, decisions! The deliberations shall continue with the aid of plenty of Pinterest inspiration.

Something to watch:-

If you haven’t already, do watch Saving Mr Banks. I thought it was a flawed, but brilliant, film. Emma Thompson was dazzling.

Love Audrey xxx

Love Audrey Adores ~ Elie Saab L’Eau Couture

Ellie Saab L'Eau Couture

I can’t resist picking up new perfume whenever I pass through duty free. I’m obsessed with attaching memories to fragrance and selecting something new just before we leave the country ensures our destination has its own signature scent by the time we come home.

L’Eau Couture by Elie Saab will always remind of Paris in the spring, but even without such personal evocations, it’s a beautiful perfume. Fresh enough for summer, but with just the right amount of warmth and sensuality, I’m hooked on its unique combination of almond, bergamot, orange blossom and vanilla. It smells expensive and makes me feel polished and pretty, when I’m probably anything but.

What scent will you be wearing this spring? Despite this recent acquisition, I still find myself daydreaming about the latest offering from Dolce & Gabbana. I mean, a girl can never have too much perfume, right?!

Love Audrey xxx

Paris in the Spring ~ Part 4


We suspected Sunday would need to be a little lazier due to my foot and we were right. Everything ached. I lingered beneath the bed covers while I waited for my painkillers to kick in, and once things were a little easier to bear I jumped in the shower, pulled on my clothes and flung everything into our suitcase so we could check out.

It was a lovely sunny morning and we were more than happy to slowly meander our way back to the Arc du Triomphe. We had spotted a nice boulangerie the day before so we headed there for breakfast, suspecting we were on to a winner when we saw a queue snaking down the street! After waiting patiently to place an order, we nibbled the still warm pain au chocolat as we continued on towards the Champs Elysees.  Champs Elysees

We didn’t have much time to kill before we needed to make our way to the airport {especially as we wanted to arrive early due to the issues with my passport on the way out} so we decided to buy a few gifts and grab a drink in a cafe. We browsed The Disney Store, Sephora, Zara Home and Petit Bateau, but I was very restrained, only purchasing presents for the children and my inaugural tube of Make Up Forever’s Smoky Lash {which, by the way, I adore}. Before we jumped back on the Metro we stopped for coffee {him} and a cool glass of citron presse {me}, which was both divine and hideously expensive.

Things were a little touch and go at the airport for a while, and we feared we might have to purchase a whole new ticket at one point, but the staff at Air France were very understanding and did everything they could to help.

I felt genuinely sad to be jetting home again, although I was obviously looking forward to reunion with the children. Our visit was perfect, but much too fleeting, and I’m longing to go back already. I liked the idea of Paris before we went, but I completely fell in love with the reality.

Love Audrey xxx

P.S. You’ll find lots more holiday snaps on instagram under the #audreydoesparis hashtag.

P.P.S. In case you missed them, here’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Paris in the Spring ~ Part 3

Paris Metro

Once we’d had our fill of the tower, we hopped back on the Metro and made our way to St-Michel Notre Dame. When we were planning our trip, the place I wanted to visit more than anywhere else was the famous Shakespeare & Company book store. It didn’t disappoint and I could have spent hours browsing. I was in literary heaven. Shakespeare & Co Paris

The shop was very busy and we were both swept along by the crowd ahead of us, but I was still able to peruse the shelves. Photography isn’t permitted inside, so you’ll have to imagine the way every single surface is covered in books. All the titles on the ground floor are available to buy, but the upstairs houses an incredible antique collection. If, like me, you have a bit of a thing for the smell of old books, ascending the narrow staircase and inhaling deeply will give you no end of pleasure.

There’s also a small reading room on the first floor. When we visited it was filled with very studious looking people, including a young man who had positioned his laptop by the open window, presumably so he could gaze up at Notre Dame Cathedral as he waited for patiently inspiration to strike. Carl joked that it was a terribly pretentious scene, but I’d have given anything to spend a day writing in there!

Having purchased two French books {in English} for the children, we made our way back to the Metro and travelled to Blanche, the station nearest to the famous Moulin Rouge. We snapped a few photos of the iconic landmark before wandering up nearby Rue Lepic towards Cafe des 2 Moulins, a location famous for its appearance in the film Amelie. Moulin Rouge and Amelie Cafe

There was something very magical about stepping inside the set of one of our favourite films. We quickly grabbed a table, ordering drinks and a plate of crepes as soon as the waiter approached. The cafe was bustling, it’s definitely something of a tourist attraction, but the service was friendly. I really enjoyed my sweet treat and it was nice to be off my feet for a while. If you ever visit, make sure you pop to the bathroom. There’s a glass cabinet filled with props and trinkets from the movie which had both of us grinning from ear to ear as we made our way back outside.

Another journey on the Metro deposited us back on the Champs Elysees for an early evening jaunt up the Arc du Triomphe. Arc du Triomphe Arc du Triomphe Arc du Triomphe

A few people had suggested this over climbing the Eiffel Tower and I’d have to join them in their endorsement. The queue was much, much shorter and I’m sure the view was equally stunning, with the added bonus of being able to see Tower itself. Unfortunately, a portion of the landmark was closed for restoration which meant we missed out slightly on the full panoramic view. Sunset was also a bit of letdown as it was so overcast, but the experience was pretty incredible nonetheless. I was also grateful for the elevator that whizzed me to the top as soon as I told a member of staff about my broken toe!

Having returned to the base of the landmark, we did a quick lap of the perimeter for photographic purposes before making our way back to the hotel. We made tea in our room, freshened up and ventured straight back out again for dinner. I was feeling pretty broken by this time so we decided to return to the same bistro as the previous night as it was so close by. French Onion Soup

An evening of delicious food {French onion soup followed by moules marnieres for me} and far too much wine ensued. I hobbled back to the hotel, clinging to Carl’s arm all the way, and collapsed into bed just before midnight.

Love Audrey xxx