Hello, I’m Franky. Audrey is a ‘nom de plume’, a digital identity inspired by the unwavering style and elegance of my ultimate idol, Audrey Hepburn.

As a freelance writer based in Bristol, I work from home amidst the chaos created by my two children, Isabel and Jesse. My husband Carl is a freelance film maker with a passion for Star Wars, Street Fighter and Old Fashioned cocktails.

I’m a lover of old films, antique books and all things mid-century modern. I have a serious weakness for red lipstick, pretty dresses and high heels. I believe baking is the best therapy. I’m passionate about storytelling and playing with words is my favourite pastime. I enjoy simple pleasures, but I can also appreciate a little decadence every now and then.

Love Audrey started life as a beauty blog in the summer of 2009 when I was heavily pregnant with my second child. Over time it has developed into a journal of sorts, a place where I document day-to-day life for all to see. I share the recipes that fuel us, the places that inspire us and anything that makes me smile.

What I present on these pages is an honest account of my life and I rarely sugar-coat what I write, though I do try to sprinkle things with a little sophistication and style wherever possible. Through the stories and experiences I share on these pages, I hope you’ll find inspiration for food, beauty, fashion, interior design and life in general.

I strive to live with a little glamour and a lot of grace. I don’t always manage it, but perhaps you’ll enjoy watching me try.

Love, Franky xxx