My {bank holiday} weekend has mainly been spent…

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  • Waking up at Bowood Hotel after my cousin Sophie’s wedding on the Friday. We were in an incredibly luxurious suite and everything about our stay was perfect.
  • Gasping for a cup of tea.
  • Waiting for the children to stir.
  • Smiling when they finally piled into bed with us.
  • Reminiscing about the night before. Jesse was a total legend on the dance floor.
  • Saying goodbye to my mum who had to head off for her second wedding of the weekend.
  • Luxuriating in the enormous double shower.
  • Pulling on some comfy clothes and heading down to breakfast.
  • Tucking into the buffet.
  • Catching up with the newlyweds.
  • Wandering back to our room to finish getting ready.
  • Packing our bags and checking out.
  • Mentally planning a return trip.
  • Jumping in my uncle’s car and driving down the road to visit Bowood House and Gardens.
  • Pulling over to take a quick picture of the bluebells.
  • Heading straight for the adventure playground.
  • Bumping into more family.
  • Sipping tea and chatting with Mr L.A. and my uncle while the children scaled the climbing frame.
  • Stopping off for a spot of lunch at my aunt and uncle’s house.
  • Catching up with my cousin Amy who is visiting from Australia.
  • Missing my dad.
  • Jumping on the train back to Bristol.
  • Vegging out on the sofa.
  • Sorting laundry.
  • Feeding the kids beans on toast and insisting they both had an early night.
  • Ordering Chinese food.
  • Watching Swiss Army Man. I wasn’t too sure about this quirky comedy, but it’s worth watching for Daniel Radcliffe’s performance alone.
  • Collapsing into bed.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Dragging myself downstairs.
  • Helping Jesse get ready for Taikwondo. He had an early morning grading to get to.
  • Relaxing at home with Izzy while Mr L.A. took him to the gym.
  • Meal planning and shopping for groceries online.
  • Making pasta with pesto for lunch.
  • Letting Izzy escape to a friend’s house for a sleepover.
  • Feeling a little blue while Mr L.A. rushed around the house, packing for a trip to Norway.
  • Seeing him off at the door.
  • Snuggling with Jesse on the sofa.
  • Roasting carrots with olive oil, crushed coriander seeds, chili flakes and the zest and juice of an orange.
  • Cooking some rice to accompany the veg and eating it all with a generous drizzle of soy sauce.
  • Reading Jesse a bedtime story and tucking him in for the night.
  • Eating leftover Easter chocolate on the sofa.
  • Chatting to Mr L.A. on the phone.
  • Watching Casting Jonbenet and Girlboss on Netflix.
  • Taking myself upstairs to bed.
  • Reading until I fell asleep.
  • Waking up when Jesse clambered in beside me.
  • Drinking tea and watching Moana.
  • Enjoying a very slow start to the day.
  • Eventually getting washed and dressed.
  • Spritzing myself with Jo Malone’s Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne, kindly sent to me by a reader, Christine, who spotted it on a recent wish list and had an unwanted bottle going spare. Its arrival put a huge smile on my face.
  • Squeezing in a bit of work while Jesse watched cartoons on Netflix.
  • Unloading groceries when my Ocado delivery arrived.
  • Cooking and eating Oven-Baked Asparagus and Eggs.
  • Strolling to the supermarket.
  • Buying Jesse a comic.
  • Narrowly avoiding getting caught in the rain.
  • Listening to the thunder from the comfort of the kitchen.
  • Feeling sleepy.
  • Missing Mr L.A.
  • Getting a head-start on dinner. I made cheese sauce from scratch to go with shop-bought stuffed cannelloni.
  • Welcoming Izzy home from her sleepover.
  • Uploading my wedding pics to Facebook.
  • Sitting down to dinner.
  • Throwing the kids in the shower and handing them clean PJs.
  • Letting them watch a little TV before bed.
  • Tapping away at my laptop.
  • Hoping I can survive until Mr L.A. arrives home on Thursday.

Love Audrey xxx

P.S. A retro weekend from 2015.

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