My {Easter} weekend has mainly been spent…

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  • Sleeping in. We’ve been on a roll with 7.30 and 8am wake-ups during the Easter holidays. Long may it continue!
  • Heading downstairs for a cup of tea.
  • Relaxing on the sofa while Mr L.A. made breakfast.
  • Eating a fried egg sandwich and making plans for the day.
  • Jumping in the shower.
  • Pulling on skinny jeans and my favourite jumper.
  • Blow drying my hair
  • Deciding to spend the day makeup free.
  • Coaxing the kids into their clothes.
  • Sorting laundry.
  • Putting up a few more Easter decorations. My aunt and uncle kindly sent the children paper chains and a festive banner.
  • Playing Pandemic*.
  • Sitting down to lunch.
  • Writing a shopping list.
  • Watching Party of Five on Netflix while Mr L.A. took the kids to Kingswood.
  • Drinking tea and eating buttery hot cross buns.
  • Singing along while Izzy watched Easter Parade on DVD.
  • Using this recipe to make Mini Egg Brownies. It’s very adaptable, simply substitute the milk chocolate with whatever takes your fancy. I’ve tried crushed Oreo cookies, marshmallows and orange chocolate in the past.
  • Making tea and setting up a quick foodie flatlay.
  • Greeting the Ocado delivery driver at the door.
  • Unpacking groceries and making a start on dinner.
  • Cooking and eating Penne with Asparagus Pesto and White Beans from the latest addition to my recipe book collection, The New Vegetarian* by Alice Hart.
  • Drinking a weak G&T while Mr L.A. put the children to bed.
  • Wondering if Jesse would ever fall asleep. His pre-Easter excitement was sky-high.
  • Watching Patriots Day, an incredibly moving film about the Boston Marathon bombing. On a lighter note, we also watched The Founder on Friday evening. We both thought it was superb and have been craving a McDonald’s ever since!
  • Collapsing into bed.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Snuggling with Jesse beneath the duvet.
  • Following the children downstairs when they raced off in search of chocolate.
  • Letting them eat Easter eggs for breakfast.
  • Hardly eating any chocolate myself. I’ve kind of gone off sweet things since the CFS took hold.
  • Getting ready to face the day.
  • Playing the Easter Bunny and setting up an egg hunt for the kids.
  • Watching them race around the house with their little basket in hand.
  • Toasting a mountain of hot cross buns to keep everyone going until lunch.
  • Preparing a huge Indian feast. I served Roasted Tamarind Chicken with Honey and Red Chilli, Paneer Butter Masala and plenty of rice and chapattis. {Sadly, neither of these recipes seem to be online, but you’ll find the former in Made in India* and the latter in Fresh India*, both of which I’d urge you to buy. They’re great.}
  • Curling up in front of kids film. They watched while I napped!
  • Supervising the children in the shower.
  • Packing them a suitcase. They’re off to the in-laws for a week.
  • Persuading Jesse to wash his hair.
  • Helping him pull on his PJs and putting him to bed.
  • Arguing with Izzy about the tangles in her very long locks.
  • Retreating downstairs.
  • Speed cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Vacuuming the living room.
  • Watching David Brent: Life On The Road. It was funny, but not as funny as The Office.
  • Chatting to Mr L.A. in bed.
  • Staying up far too late.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Grabbing a quick shower.
  • Drinking tea while I threw a few more things in the kids’ suitcase.
  • Waiting for my in-laws to arrive.
  • Catching up quickly.
  • Loading the children into the car and waving them off.
  • Relishing the peace and quiet.
  • Missing them almost immediately.
  • Tapping away at my laptop.
  • Planning a lazy evening before a week of intense writing.

Love Audrey xxx

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P.P.S. A retro Easter weekend from 2014.

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