Pause ~ When Life Gets a Little Overwhelming


Just Do Things by Victoria McGinley via The Everygirl

Do you ever feel like you need to put life on pause, just for a few days, so you can catch up? That’s where I am right now. I’m either wishing there were more hours in the day or longing for enough energy to make the best of the ones I have.

Tumbling down the stairs has taken it out of me. My body is obviously working hard to heal itself, which doesn’t seem to leave me with much strength for anything else. Having taken on a new client just before the accident, I’ve been pushing myself professionally while also trying to recover at the same time. That’s one of the harsher realities of self-employment I guess.

I’m just about managing to keep my head above water, but I’m frustrated by the things I’ve been forced to let slide. I’ve been dreaming big this year and making plans, but I’m struggling with the idea that hard work is all that’s needed to achieve success. What if you’re pushing yourself to your absolute limit, but you still don’t feel like it’s getting you anywhere?

We’re off to Paris this weekend. The days leading up to our break will probably feel quite stressful as I try to prepare for some time off, but I cannot wait to hit pause for 48hrs and just ‘be’. I hope I come back feeling a little more refreshed and brimming with inspiration.

What do you do when life starts to feel a little overwhelming?

Love Audrey xxx

6 thoughts on “Pause ~ When Life Gets a Little Overwhelming

  1. Oh lady, sending HUGE big love and hugs and ‘yeah I get it’ understanding! You clearly need a break – I think the rest will do you the absolute world of good, even if you can’t make it around as much of the city as you had hoped. There is no shame in sitting in a Parisian cafe for hours sipping on wine and soaking up the street fashion :)

    ENJOY and make sure you properly switch off for 2 days xxx

    • Thank you Annabel. We’re going to take the Metro and stop for croissants/wine/cheese at every available opportunity! I didn’t want to climb the Eiffel Tower anyway! ;)


  2. Rest. Rest rest rest is my motto.

    Do whatcha gotta do, but there are some times I’m life where you’re allowed to check out for a while. The best bit about being a grown up? You get to decide when!

    Hope Paris is blissful, and that you feel better soon.

  3. Enjoy Paris, you clearly need a change of scene and the opportunity to press pause. I think this time of year can feel a little overwhelming, spring is here and there’s a feeling that the year is starting to speed up and it is easy to question what you’ve achieved. But it is only March! It will all come good. Good luck and best wishes.

  4. This is such a timely blog post for me. I am absolutely snowed under with working 2 jobs, finishing a degree in the 6 weeks, career-hunting and trying to spend some time with my hubby. We’ve just spent a night away at the spa and it has done me the WORLD of good. To sit and relax, knowing I don’t need to feel guilty for not doing anything, is such an unusual and lovely feeling! It definitely helps with a bit of new motivation when you’re back home. Enjoy Paris and spending time just the two of you xx

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