{Half Term Happenings} Monday

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7:15am – No 6am alarm this morning, but we still manage to wake before the children. Carl and I lie in silence, relishing the peace and quiet. I pop to the bathroom and return to find Izzy in our bed. Soon Jesse is calling out to us from the landing and we invite him to join us for a cuddle. He’s excited at the prospect of a week off school.

9.00am – While Carl and I remain tired and dazed, the children are engrossed in Netflix. We drink tea and slowly prepare breakfast. Jesse demolishes a bowl of porridge while Izzy eats Cheerios and crumpets smothered in peanut butter. I have two slices of honey on toast and another mug of strong tea.

11:00am – Almost four hours after getting up, the children and I are finally dressed and ready to leave the house. We shout goodbye to Carl who is working upstairs in the attic and head to the supermarket for baking supplies. 2014-02-17_0001

11:15am – We walk through the park. It’s cold, wet and deserted, but the children don’t mind. A few early signs of spring catch our eye and Izzy talks excitedly about Easter and all that it entails. I silently will the daffodils to bloom and long to see the trees break into blossom.

11:45am – We return home. As they peel off their damp coats and muddy shoes, the children beg me to start baking right away, but I insist they eat lunch first.

2:30pm – After a meal of leftovers and some time spent playing with Lego, Izzy and Jesse are ready to join me in the kitchen and make a butterscotch layer cake. We slowly boil sugar and water to make caramel and mix up the cake batter in the Kitchenaid. Izzy greases the tins and Jesse nags me to let him lick the spoon. I relent and they both sit cross legged on the floor until I decide they’ve probably had enough.2014-02-17_0002

3:30pm – I assemble the cake and the children delight in drizzling the last of the caramel over the top. Carl joins us for a slice and a cup of coffee before returning to his work. I read Ideal Home magazine while the children watch a film.

4:30pm – I peel potatoes for supper before changing into my painting clothes and making a start on the undercoat for our alcove shelving.

5:00pm – While dinner cooks, Carl joins me in the garage to paint and we’re soon half way through the first coat. We head back inside to check on the children and lay the table for supper.

6:00pm – We sit down for a meal of vegetarian pies, roast potatoes, peas, carrots and gravy followed by a thin slither of cake. After we’ve finished eating, Carl takes the children upstairs for their bath and I pull out my laptop to start work, pausing only to kiss Jesse goodnight.

7:00pm – I speed through my emails, flagging a handful to action early tomorrow morning. I’m feeling sleepy and consider making a cup of tea to help me concentrate.

8:10pm – I shut down my email and fire up wordpress to write this post. Once I hit publish, I’ll venture upstairs and slip on my pyjamas. Eventually I’ll climb into bed and watch The Good Wife on Carl’s laptop until I can’t keep my eyes open.

Love Audrey xxx

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