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Mrs Pomeranz

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How swoonworthy are these dresses? The nipped in waists, the liberty print fabric, that peter pan collar. I want them all.

Sadly, I have absolutely no money for frivolities at the moment. However, as soon as I’m not forking out for paint/carpentry/a leaky roof I’ll be squirrelling away some pennies to pay for a Mrs Pomeranz frock. Priced at £150-£350, they’re not cheap, but long-time readers will know I’m all about shopping for investment pieces rather than fast fashion. Besides, these are dresses I’d pull on over and over again. The cost-per-wear ratio makes sense ladies, it really does.

Love Audrey xxx

2 thoughts on “Love Audrey Adores ~ Mrs Pomeranz

  1. Wow so so adorable! I am going through a fashion crisis at the minute – one day street/grunge look and the next I want to be dressed up to the nines! I don’t know whether I’m coming or going but one of those beautiful dresses (any of them!) would be great for the glam times.

    • Bring on the glam times! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a bit eclectic in your fashion tastes. Dressing for your mood makes sense to me and it’s important to enjoy what you’re wearing, right?


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