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  • Waking up slowly.
  • Sipping tea and watching Enchanted with the children on the sofa.
  • Eating scrambled eggs on buttery toast.
  • Resolving to make the most of the dry weather while it lasted.
  • Taking a long, hot shower.
  • Despairing at the state of my wardrobe.
  • Finally pulling on a dress and tights.
  • Applying my makeup and coaxing the children into their clothes.
  • Loving my MAC lipstick in the shade ‘Plumful’. Such a pretty colour.
  • Snapping photos while the children practiced their ball skills in the yarden. Jesse has started going to football on a Thursday evening and he’s loving every second.
  • Bundling up against the cold and slowly walking to the park.
  • Chasing Izzy through the trees with my camera in hand.
  • Watching the children in the playground.
  • Relishing the sunshine and blue skies. It was short lived.
  • Strolling to the nearby shops to pick up some groceries.
  • Heading home for pizzas and a chopped salad.
  • Listening to the children chat and play while I tried to concentrate on finishing my Saturday Short.
  • Cooking and eating roasted salmon wrapped in Parma ham {a dish loosely based on this recipe}.
  • Plunging the children into the bath.
  • Listening to them play while I cleared the day’s debris from their bedrooms.
  • Enjoying the stillness while Mr. LA read Jesse a bedtime story.
  • Giving goodnight kisses.
  • Pouring myself a glass of wine.
  • Binge watching The Good Wife on Netflix while Izzy stayed up {very} late to finish viewing The Lord of the Rings trilogy with her Dad.
  • Eating sweet and salty popcorn and craving chocolate.
  • Giving a tearful Izzy a consolatory cuddle before bed. She was clearly very moved by the final movie.
  • Feeling incredibly lucky when Jesse slept until after 8am.
  • Drinking tea and chatting on the sofa.
  • Preparing bacon, egg and toast cups for breakfast. Incredible recipe, I urge you to give it a try next time you have a lazy weekend to fill.
  • Pulling on my DIY clothes and adding another two coats of paint to the toy box that just won’t die is taking a lot longer to finish than I anticipated.
  • Warming soup and buttering rolls for lunch.
  • Seeing Mr. LA and Izzy off as they headed into town for her performing arts class.
  • Playing with Lego, baking lemon drizzle, watching Peter Pan and doing puzzles with my little boy.
  • Cleaning the stove and catching up on laundry.
  • Daydreaming about decor projects and interior design.
  • Roasting potatoes, warming pies and mixing up some gravy.
  • Chatting with my Godmother on the phone.
  • Welcoming Izzy and Mr LA home and sitting down to dinner.
  • Bathing the children and tucking Jesse into bed.
  • Helping Izzy with her homework.
  • Struggling to believe my little girl turns 9 on Friday.
  • Looking forward to another evening spent re-watching Lost.

Love Audrey xxx

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