Love Audrey Gets Married ~ 2 Years In

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It’s not like me to be without the right words, but I’ve struggled to come up with a way to mark our second wedding anniversary on the pages of this blog. I’m not sure what we’ve learnt over the last 24 months and I can’t quite communicate what marriage means to me. I don’t have endless advice to offer and I think I may have written everything I’ll ever write about the day itself {here}.

You’ll just have to make do with some fleeting observations. I haven’t given them much thought, but as I sit at my laptop, listening to our son play with his Lego nearby, these are the things I think as I contemplate our marriage…2014-01-12_0003

1. When I don’t wear my wedding ring, my left hand feels all wrong, like it’s naked and not quite there.2014-01-12_0007

2. I still haven’t grown accustom to my newly acquired surname, but I do love hearing my husband refer to me as his wife.

3. I cry whenever I remember that my Dad wasn’t at our wedding.

4. I haven’t washed my wedding dress yet. I’m kind of attached to the dirt.Pinewood Studios Wedding Eliza Claire

5. My Jimmy Choos remain my greatest shoe purchase to date.2014-01-12_0005

6. I cannot believe I felt fat in the run up to our wedding. Have a word with yourself past Franky.

7. I really, really fancy my husband.2014-01-12_0002

8. The thing I miss most about wedding planning is spending time with the women I love most. The shopping trips, the makeup trials, my hen party. Such fond memories.

9. If I was going to change anything about our wedding, I’d have more flowers and a different dress to dance in.2014-01-12_0009

10. I am rarely happier than when I’m curled up on the sofa, watching a movie with my husband. I don’t mind if we do it every Saturday until I die.

11. I have never felt more connected to anyone than when Carl said his vows.2014-01-12_0008

12. Talking about money remains our biggest weakness as a couple.

13. I would still recommend every single one of our wedding suppliers, especially Katy, Emma, Eliza and Joanne.

14. The biggest lesson I learned in the run up to our wedding day, and the one I always pass on to engaged friends, is that you simply cannot please everyone.

15. So far, marriage for me has been about feeling loved, every minute of every day.2014-01-12_0004

Love Audrey xxx

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