Print of the Week ~ Heisenberg by Malobi


Like the majority of the television watching population, we’re huge fans of hit show Breaking Bad. Having skilfully managed to avoid any spoilers since the final episode aired, we’re now working our way through season 5 at an incredible rate. I may cry when it’s over.

Of all the Christmas gifts we gave, this was the one we wanted to keep for ourselves. Not only is the Heisenberg A4 Giclee print by Malobi a joy to behold, it is the work of a local artist here in Bristol who also provided incredible customer service. I highly recommend!

Love Audrey xxx

One thought on “Print of the Week ~ Heisenberg by Malobi

  1. You probably will get a little emotional when it’s over. Not that I am saying you’ll cry because something sad necessarily happens (or maybe it does – I won’t tell!), but because, as you have probably noticed by now, the tone of the show changes drastically as the seasons go on. Walter White changes as a person. His motivations are clearly purely selfish by season five and that made me a little depressed about the show. However, I think his character (and all the characters) are excellently written and acted. Probably one of my favorite shows. Right now I’m working on Doctor Who season five (I’m a nerd!!). Enjoy the rest of BB!

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