My weekend has mainly been spent…

Homemade Ginger Biscuits The Weekend Pasta with tomatoes, garlic and almonds F&F at Tesco pyjamas Jesse on the carousel Bristol Sunset Tuna Arrabiatta

  • Wondering why, Monday to Friday, it is such an effort to wake the children, yet come Saturday morning they’re up with the larks and noisily piling into our bed. One of life’s greatest mysteries.
  • Slowly waking up with multiple cups of tea.
  • Watching Mary Poppins while huddled under a blanket on the sofa.
  • Drizzling maple syrup on homemade pancakes for breakfast.
  • Luxuriating in the shower. I recently restocked my favourite hair care, body scrub and shower gel. Heavenly.
  • Slipping into skinny jeans.
  • Layering my much loved navy sweater over a white cotton vest.
  • Slowly applying my makeup and drying my hair.
  • Baking buttery ginger biscuits. I highly recommend this recipe, they were delicious.
  • Enjoying our new storage in the hallway. After weeks of piling coats precariously on the banister, hooks are quite a novelty!
  • Eating cheese on toast for lunch.
  • Bundling up against the cold and heading for the park.
  • Getting caught in a brief shower.
  • Watching the rain clouds give way to blue skies.
  • Relishing the sight of the children stomping through fallen leaves.
  • Pausing amidst the trees to watch a squirrel.
  • Smiling as Jesse daydreamed aloud about being a bird, soaring above the treetops and building a nest among the branches.
  • Buying delicious vegetables from our local greengrocer.
  • Nipping into Tesco for some other ingredients.
  • Slowly making our way home through the park.
  • Slipping into my PJs at 3pm and feeling no shame. I love this snuggly combo from F&F at Tesco, especially the toasty slipper boots*.
  • Working through some of the smaller tasks on our epic decorating ‘to do’ list. The doors in the hallway received another coat of paint and we spent some time clearing the attic too.
  • Preparing Sicilian pasta with tomatoes, garlic and almonds.
  • Eating too much. Seriously delicious meal, I suggest you try it immediately.
  • Coaxing the children into the bath.
  • Reading Jesse one of his favourite bedtime stories. I love Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations.
  • Collapsing in front of a movie on the sofa.
  • Sipping ginger beer and nibbling Doritos.
  • Watching a little Modern Family before bed.
  • Chatting and laughing with Mr. LA before we fell asleep.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Finally dragging myself out of bed.
  • Drinking tea on the sofa.
  • Eating fried eggs on hot, buttered toast.
  • Pulling on my painting clothes and tackling a little DIY.
  • Lingering in the shower.
  • Slipping into a cosy winter dress.
  • Frying onions, garlic, chilli and red pepper with a little smoked paprika.
  • Depositing the fragrant vegetables in the slow cooker with tuna, tomatoes and some vegetable stock.
  • Making sandwiches for lunch.
  • Walking through the park to the bus stop.
  • Travelling into the city centre.
  • Wandering around the shops while Mr. LA delivered Izzy to her drama class.
  • Eating a cinnamon pretzel among the fairy lights of the German Market.
  • Strolling through the Old City.
  • Watching Jesse ride the carousel.
  • Heading back to Cabot Circus for a hot chocolate.
  • Stopping to admire the breathtaking sunset.
  • Catching the bus back to St. George.
  • Settling down to a huge plateful of Tuna Arrabiata.
  • Putting Jesse to bed.
  • Watching Izzy read Little Women beneath a duvet on the sofa.
  • Looking forward to Jesse’s first nativity play in the morning.

Love Audrey xxx

*PR sample provided for review purposes.

4 thoughts on “My weekend has mainly been spent…

  1. Sounds lovely, a perfect weekend. I have dropped a heavy hint to my husband (read: emailed him the link) about the slipper boots and I’ll be trying both recipes soon :-)

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