My weekend has mainly been spent…

Christmas Market Jesse Pretzel Christmas Market Slow Cooker

  • Sleeping in after a horrendous night of tending to a rather unwell little boy.
  • Struggling to wake up.
  • Wishing we didn’t have a lengthy list of DIY to get through.
  • Drinking numerous cups of tea in quick succession.
  • Eating fried eggs on toast.
  • Slipping into my decorating gear.
  • Making a start on the hallway. We settled on a lovely off-white shade from Little Greene called Slaked Lime.
  • Prepping and painting, painting, painting.
  • Occasionally pausing to check on the children. They quite like our DIY weekends. We let them stay in their PJs all day and give them free reign over our netflix account. They think it’s a wonderful treat.
  • Painting some more.
  • Enjoying the sight of Izzy and Jesse engrossed in a new colouring book.
  • Eating toasted tuna melts for lunch.
  • Finally finishing the first coat.
  • Sending Mr. LA off to the supermarket for supplies {i.e wine}.
  • Snuggling under a blanket on the sofa with the children.
  • Watching Home Alone 2 and drinking tea.
  • Priming woodwork while Mr. LA prepared shepherd’s pie for dinner.
  • Enjoying my children’s company during our evening meal.
  • Making it through bath and bedtime stories.
  • Painting a door with wine glass in hand.
  • Half watching Love in the Afternoon with Izzy. Wonderful, lesser-known Audrey Hepburn film. Seek it out if you’re a fellow fan.
  • Sending her off to bed with a kiss.
  • Watching Melancholia and not really enjoying it.
  • Collapsing into bed.
  • Relishing a night of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Skipping breakfast, knocking back a quick cup of tea and cracking on with the second coat of paint.
  • Chatting to my Mum on the phone while I worked.
  • Finally finishing.
  • Stepping back to admire our handiwork. Every room we paint becomes my new favourite.
  • Wishing we didn’t have to live with the grotty beige carpet for a few more months, but knowing the hallway will look spectacular when the floor has eventually been refinished. Good things come to those who wait and all that.
  • Luxuriating in a scalding hot shower.
  • Pulling on a much loved frock.
  • Enjoying the sensation of freshly washed hair.
  • Carefully applying my makeup.
  • Filling the slow cooker with the beginnings of a vegetable casserole.
  • Settling down to a meal of soup and warm garlic bread.
  • Bundling up against the cold and heading into town.
  • Waiting at the bus stop for what felt like a lifetime.
  • Wandering around the shops while Mr. LA delivered Izzy to her drama class.
  • Smiling as Jesse pointed out all the different coloured lights.
  • Sniffing Christmas scents in the Yankee Candle Store.
  • Devouring a soft pretzel. So good.
  • Stocking up on a few Lush treats.
  • Pausing for a cheeky mug of mulled wine at the German Christmas Market.
  • Watching Jesse’s eyes light up when he spotted Santa Claus nearby.
  • Laughing as he suddenly came over all coy and refused to say hello.
  • Listening to him say ‘I wish I didn’t be so shy Mummy’ as Santa walked away.
  • Visiting a few more shops as daylight slowly disappeared.
  • Admiring the Christmas lights.
  • Feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside. I love this time of year.
  • Catching the bus home.
  • Almost forgetting we had a freshly painted hallway.
  • Drinking tea while Mr. LA fried sausages for supper.
  • Eating too much.
  • Dunking the children into a warm bubble bath.
  • Reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea.
  • Chatting to Izzy before she headed to bed.
  • Trying to put off my chores for as long as possible. Wet washing won’t hang itself though.
  • Planning to pour myself a glass of wine imminently.

Love Audrey xxx

4 thoughts on “My weekend has mainly been spent…

  1. I love these posts of yours Franky!! Do you know, I’ve never seen an Audrey Hepburn thing the whole way through? And the Tiger Who Came To Tea is one of my absolute favourites, even now :) xx

  2. Melancholia was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! It actually made me so sad that I burst into tears after it was over because I was overcome with an intense and overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness. I guess the movie did its job? Horrible.

    Anyway. Love your weekend updates :-)

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