Monochrome ~ Oasis Ria Spot Dress

Oasis Ria Spot Dress

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My new favourite frock. Nipped in waist, full skirt, cute capped sleeves and a monochrome print that makes me feel like a walking Magic Eye picture. Love it.

Generally speaking, I find one dress a season in Oasis that I simply cannot walk away from. All similar in shape and style, they find their way into my wardrobe and quickly become well worn friends. These are my everyday dresses, the ones I don’t need to think about. I throw them on with a pair of tights and a cardi and I’m good to go. Although I do find their hems a bit flimsy, I don’t mind bringing out the Wundaweb for an otherwise well made garment that lasts years.

While we’re on the subject of long-wearing atire, I’ve had these ballet pumps for 5 months now. Once a devoted fan of New Look’s cheap and cheerful flats, I finally sought out something a little more well made after realising I’d managed to spend £60 on shoes in under 3 months, having worn through the sole on four pairs. I walk everywhere, and ballet pumps are my uniform, so I really should have appreciated the need for investment a long time ago.

These cost £55 and, although they’re a little stretched, I’d say they’ve still got at least a couple more months in them yet. When they finally give up the ghost I will definitely repurchase. What the hell?! Let’s live dangerously. I’ll splurge on something even more expensive and see if I can get a full year out of pair! I shall report back with my findings. Try to contain your excitement in the meantime.

Love Audrey xxx

8 thoughts on “Monochrome ~ Oasis Ria Spot Dress

  1. That dress is gorgeous on you, you have such an amazing figure! I know what you mean about ballet pumps, I used to buy them from Primark but it doesn’t feel very sensible (or kind to the environment) to have to change them every few months! I tend to only buy leather shoes at the moment, I find they last! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

    • Gosh, thank you Rosie :D Funnily enough, I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish about my wobbly middle {down to my two babies, I call it my ‘mummy tummy’!} but this is one of those dresses that you slip on and just feel fabulous in.


  2. You look wonderful! I never think to shop in Oasis but I have 2 weddings to go to this year and will definitely have a nosy in there for potential dresses.

    As you may know I am an ambassador for Sarenza so have been really lucky getting to choose shoes with my vouchers.. I often choose shoes a lot pricier than I have ever spent on them myself, but they are such good quality and have really lasted!

    • Thank you! You should definitely pay Oasis a visit if you’re looking for something pretty to wear to a wedding. They always have the odd gem and it’s never too expensive.

      I’ve always been envious of your incredible collection of ballet pumps from Sarenza! You have some beautiful pairs and I totally get what you mean about the quality. I guess you really do get what you pay for!


  3. I’ve been contemplating going completely wild and experimenting with getting a pair of shoes regularly resoled – I wear boots all winter, so less of a problem, but I know I wear through a pair of slipper/ballet flats about every third week in the summer if it’s not warm enough for flip flops. I’m figuring it might be worth the £10 every month or two at the cobblers if it means getting a couple of years out of a pair of shoes…

    • This thought has crossed my mind too. I still think it’s worth paying a little more in the first place. These ones would benefit from being resoled as they had a proper, sturdy base to begin with. Cheaper pairs from New Look, not so much!


  4. This dress is amazing, I can’t believe I didn’t spot it in Oasis myself as it’s my favourite shop at the moment. I agree on ballet pumps too – sometimes the more expensive ones are better. I’d definitely recommend my £20 leopard print Marks pumps over my gold Primark ballet pumps anyday.

    • Well it’s still online if you’re tempted! ;-)

      Primark pumps don’t last 5 minutes do they?! All you need is to get caught in one rain shower and they fall apart while your feet are still in them!


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