Monochrome ~ Oasis Ria Spot Dress

February 25, 2013 by loveaudrey — 8 Comments

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Oasis Ria Spot Dress

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My new favourite frock. Nipped in waist, full skirt, cute capped sleeves and a monochrome print that makes me feel like a walking Magic Eye picture. Love it.

Generally speaking, I find one dress a season in Oasis that I simply cannot walk away from. All similar in shape and style, they find their way into my wardrobe and quickly become well worn friends. These are my everyday dresses, the ones I don’t need to think about. I throw them on with a pair of tights and a cardi and I’m good to go. Although I do find their hems a bit flimsy, I don’t mind bringing out the Wundaweb for an otherwise well made garment that lasts years.

While we’re on the subject of long-wearing atire, I’ve had these ballet pumps for 5 months now. Once a devoted fan of New Look’s cheap and cheerful flats, I finally sought out something a little more well made after realising I’d managed to spend £60 on shoes in under 3 months, having worn through the sole on four pairs. I walk everywhere, and ballet pumps are my uniform, so I really should have appreciated the need for investment a long time ago.

These cost £55 and, although they’re a little stretched, I’d say they’ve still got at least a couple more months in them yet. When they finally give up the ghost I will definitely repurchase. What the hell?! Let’s live dangerously. I’ll splurge on something even more expensive and see if I can get a full year out of pair! I shall report back with my findings. Try to contain your excitement in the meantime.

Love Audrey xxx

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