My weekend has mainly been spent…

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  • Waking up in my Mum’s flat in London.
  • Making myself a cup of tea.
  • Enjoying a hot shower.
  • Slipping on a favourite dress.
  • Getting cosy in a pair of thick tights and my beloved shearling boots.
  • Carefully applying my makeup.
  • Waking my sister up so I could use her hairdryer.
  • Stupidly skipping breakfast.
  • Packing up my camera and heading across London to attend Emily Quinton’s Photography for Bloggers Workshop. Book yourself on the next one ladies and gents, it was brilliant.
  • Feeling my hipster senses begin to tingle as I strode into Shoreditch.
  • Bubbling with a mixture of excitement and nerves.
  • Meeting lots lovely of new bloggers like Kirsty, Corrine, Catherine, Geraldine, Lynne and Natalie.
  • Learning so much.
  • Taking pictures of pretty flowers.
  • Getting to grips with aperture and ISO.
  • Soaking up the inspiration.
  • Jotting down pages of notes.
  • Breaking for lunch.
  • Wandering in search of a sandwich.
  • Finally tucking into a delicious panini.
  • Taking to the streets with camera in hand.
  • Marvelling at the incredible street art.
  • Eating homemade cake.
  • Wishing the workshop didn’t have to end.
  • Taking the bus to Camberwell.
  • Breathing through my mouth in order to avoid death by odorous commuters.
  • Sharing a meal with my godmother. She spoiled me with smoked salmon mousse on rye bread to start, porcini risotto and then finally a chocolate souffle for dessert. It was heavenly.
  • Drinking wine and catching up.
  • Making my way back to West London.
  • Finally arriving home a little after 11pm.
  • Feeling sleepy, but not being able to resist a few more chapters of The Happiness Project before bed.
  • Waking up in a daze when my phone started beeping. Is there anything worse than forgetting to switch off a 6am alarm call on a Sunday morning?!
  • Finding my sister making tea in the kitchen.
  • Lazily getting showered and dressed.
  • Making the most of the glorious sunshine by taking some photos in the garden.
  • Waiting for Laura and her sister to arrive.
  • Rifling through an old suitcase full of my Dad’s possessions. We found a stash of old film from his art school days and a pile of production notes dating from 1976 that included a treatment for a documentary he hoped to make about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Finding great comfort in the sight of my Father’s handwriting.
  • Acknowledging my huge capacity for nostalgia.
  • Greeting friends.
  • Sipping tea and chatting.
  • Laughing a lot.
  • Tucking into chicken fajitas and a huge mountain of nachos.
  • Desperately trying to find room for cupcakes.
  • Feeling very full.
  • Slipping into the garden for another round of photos.
  • Wishing I didn’t have to leave, but looking forward to seeing Mr. LA and the children.
  • Taking the train to Paddington.
  • Stocking up on mini eggs for the journey back to Exeter.
  • Reading and sleeping all the way to Devon.
  • Being greeted by huge hugs from two very smiley children.
  • Listening as Izzy and Jesse excitedly recounted their weekend adventures.
  • Eating curry, rice and naan bread.
  • Bathing the children.
  • Reading bedtime stories.
  • Tucking Jesse in.
  • Having a quick cuddle with Izzy while she showed me her latest DS game.
  • Feeling sleepy, but content.

Love Audrey xxx

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