Comfort and Joy ~ Hobbs Maryam Dress

Me: Jesse, you wait with Izzy while daddy takes my photo.
Jesse: No Mama. Jesse wait with YOU.

Jesse: Peeka boo Daddy, peeka BOO!

Me: Quick Jesse, chase Izzy!
*Jesse races off after his sister*
Me: Take the photo, take the photo!
*Strikes a pose like a pro*

Dress, Hobbs | Boots, Schuh | Necklace, Oliver Bonas

A knitted dress with a nipped in waist and a twirly skirt is my idea of perfection. This one is warm and cosy, but still has plenty of swish. It’s hardly been off my back since I picked it up in the Hobbs sale a few weeks ago. I believe the colour of the soft merino wool may be ‘on trend’ for Winter, but I just like the way it looks with my tan boots and this beautiful new necklace I was gifted for Christmas.

It took me months to find winter boots I liked enough to spend my hard earned wages on this year. My poor feet and I struggled through November in flimsy ballet pumps, until finally I found these pretty little fur lined lace-up ones in Schuh. There’s something a little Victorian about them, don’t you think? They kind of make me feel like Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden. Perfect for stomping through crisp winter grass or past skeletal trees set against a gloomy grey sky. Or, you know, just running around after my three year old.

Have you bought anything in the sales yet? Tempted by this frock? It comes in navy blue too you know…

Love Audrey xxx

5 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy ~ Hobbs Maryam Dress

  1. This post just makes me smile! You look beautiful, as always, and Jesse is so cute! I love the boots too, I’m still on the hunt for some winter boots, though it may be too late soon xx

  2. Beautiful dress Franky. It looks lovely on you and Jesse is so adorable.

    Winter boots have been so difficult to find this year, I’m just about ready to admit defeat and live in my battered uggs instead! x

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