Take a Deep Breath

I had such big plans for blogging in December. Perhaps the universe had other ideas.

Rather than excitedly preparing for Christmas, this month has been all about getting sick, with each member of my little family struck down with various bugs one after the other.

On top of the worst eye infection I’ve ever had {seriously, I look like this}, and a really nasty virus that has left me completely wiped out, we spent most of our weekend in hospital with Jesse due to an asthma attack that resulted in him being blue lighted to A+E. Drama, drama, drama!

Thankfully, he’s fine now – finishing up a course of oral steroids and needing his inhaler a lot, but fine. My husband also reckons I look more human today than I have in over week. I’m hoping to have ditched the zombie look completely by Christmas Eve.

I hate nothing more than blog posts about why a blogger isn’t blogging, save for maybe the phrase ‘blogging hiatus’, but I guess that’s what this is. Anyway, I’ll be back as soon as things are a little less, well… bleugh.

*swallows more painkillers*

Love Audrey xxx

3 thoughts on “Take a Deep Breath

  1. Poor all of you. I feel your pain though, we are having a particularly rotten run of bad health here also, with poor old C in a terrible state although starting to look a bit brighter now. After a three day migraine last week that just wouldn’t go I’m on day two of the worst sore throat I’ve had in years… although fair to say the shivers and aches have moved on… I had hoped we’d get together before the Big C, but perhaps after, maybe while the kids are still off? xx

  2. Oh darling lady, you get well soon. I miss you!!!!
    I really do hope Jesse is much, much better soon. And you too – it’s a good sign if Carl thinks you look a little less like the evil dead today, no? :)
    Sending you lots of love and hugs,

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