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December 9, 2012 by loveaudrey — 1 Comment

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After a week of constantly nursing sick children {they’re like a tag team when it comes to nasty viruses}, I woke up this morning with a rather grotty eye infection myself. How kind of them to share their germs! To be frank, I feel rotten. My left eye is badly swollen and so sore I can barely think straight. With all the oozing that’s going on I can understand why my husband is keeping his distance.

As a result, I’m somewhat lacking in words this evening. Here’s a brief pictorial insight into my most recent adventures to keep you going while I recover…

♥ Two nights in London ♥ Helping Kate Shirazi of Cakeadoodledo at Taste of Christmas ♥ A generous pile of delicious white chocolate and cranberry meringues ♥ Kate’s latest book Christmas Magic {which I highly recommend} ♥ An amazing mozzarella starter and the best pizza I’ve ever tasted at Sacro Cuore in Kensal Rise ♥ Kate in her fabulously pretty Rita apron ♥ Incredible gourmet meatballs from The Bowler ♥ Christmas crafting with Belle & Boo fabric and Pearl & Earl twine ♥ The finished gifts ♥ Making a start on the mountain of Christmas wrapping ♥ A new frock from Hobbs

What have you been up to? Broken the seal on any of that essential Christmas prep yet? I’m desperate to get our tree up!

Love Audrey xxx

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