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For me, food related memories tend to be strongest of all. For example, the first thing my husband ever cooked me {and I use that term loosely} was a fish finger sandwich. White bread and red sauce. Perfect. The morning after Izzy was born, my Mum bought me chopped apple and ferrero rocher chocolates to nibble on in my hospital bed. The night Mr. LA proposed we ate a Balinese feast. The meal concluded with black rice pudding, the like of which I’d never tasted before.

I can remember the first time I tasted a Cakeadoodledo cake. There was a small farmer’s market at a National Trust property we visited one sunny day, not long after we had moved to Devon. Izzy and I were instantly drawn to the tempting array of sweet treats on display at one particular stall. I purchased something simple, a vanilla cupcake perhaps, and bit into it as I waited for the rest of my family. I know good cake when I taste it, and this was good cake. Light, fluffy sponge and buttercream that was sweet, but not sickly.

My first experience of Cakeadoodledo left such an impression, I have never missed an opportunity to sample more since. I returned from the Exeter Food Festival earlier this year laden with cake. I tasted a range of flavours and was delighted with all that passed my lips. Kate Shirazi, the talented baker behind the business, does something with Nutella that is literally the stuff of dreams. If I have a say in my last meal, I’ll take one of those, with its gooey centre and petite hazelnut adornment.

Although Cakeadoodledo is a lovely local business, they’ll happily courier cake to anywhere in the UK. That’s right, cake in the mail. It’s genius. Perfect for any occasion or celebration {you all know it’s almost Christmas, right?}, and guaranteed to paint a huge smile on the recipients face.

Cakeadoodledo isn’t just about cupcakes either. How beautiful is this?

Kate also offers a beautiful range of kitchen linens covered in pretty polka dots. I’m telling you, tea towels just got glamorous ladies! I’m lucky enough to own a ‘Doris’, and I can assure you no apron has ever made me want to whirl and twirl around my kitchen quite so much. Kate’s range of baking books is also well worth a look.

By the wonder of social media, and largely due to the fact I can’t eat anything without tweeting about it, Kate and I have struck up something of a friendship this year. Next month I’ll be joining her as the hired help at London’s ExCel for Taste of Christmas, serving up cake and generally eulogising about the wonder that is Cakeadoodledo.

The show looks set to be festive food heaven, and is well worth a visit in my humble opinion. Tickets can be purchased here. I’ll be there on the 7th and 8th, so be sure to come and say hello if you do attend, I might even let you taste some cake.

Love Audrey xxx

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  1. Well, I’ve never tried them, but I have to say they look amazing!! I’m kind of like that with eatable memories as well, so you are definitely not the only one!!

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