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  • Waking up slowly. I spent most of last week solo parenting while also battling some kind of a virus, the main symptom of which has been complete exhaustion. A lazy Saturday morning was just what my body needed.
  • Sipping tea and eating a cooked breakfast.
  • Taking a long shower.
  • Wearing skinny jeans and cosy, fine knit sweater. I’m obsessed with GAP’s merino wool range. Warm with just the right amount of sexy.
  • Riding the bus to Darts Farm.
  • Enjoying Jesse’s excitement. When you’re 3 years old the adventure starts from the minute you get to the bus station.
  • Buying a bird-feeder from the RSPB shop.
  • Eating a Ploughman’s for lunch. I do love a bit of cheese and chutney.
  • Admiring the fresh produce.
  • Tasting chocolate, drooling over cakes and marvelling at the array of pickles, preserves and chutney.
  • Heading home.
  • Hanging the bird-feeder.
  • Watching the children gaze out the window as they waited for the wildlife to flock to our garden.
  • Cooking and eating Leek and Sweet Potato ‘Moussaka’. You can find the recipe in the Christmas issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine. It is definitely not a low fat option, containing as it does double cream, butter and a mountain of feta cheese, but it was delicious.
  • Reading bedtime stories.
  • Settling down on the sofa to watch ‘TED’. After only ten minutes, my sides were already aching from laughing so hard. Hilarious.
  • Drinking wine and nibbling snacks.
  • Heading to bed.
  • Struggling to wake up.
  • Snuggling with the children on the sofa in front of ‘Hocus Pocus’.
  • Eating porridge and drinking tea.
  • Showering.
  • Slipping into a favourite little black dress.
  • Wearing winged eye-liner and red lippy.
  • Stealing a few hours to myself.
  • Visiting the Crikey It’s Vintage Christmas Fair.
  • Adding to my collection of vintage china. I adore this sweet rectangular cake plate. Obviously, I had to rush home immediately and bake a lemon drizzle cake with which to adorn it.
  • Making Nigella’s Italian Roast Chicken with Peppers and Olives again. I love this recipe from Nigelllisima, so simple and tasty.
  • Eating cake.
  • Bathing the children.
  • Momentarily misplacing my wedding and engagement rings. After a brief panic, Mr. LA found them on the chest of drawers in our bedroom. Phew!
  • Helping Izzy with her homework.
  • Making plans for the week ahead.
  • Drinking hot chocolate.
  • Looking forward to climbing into bed and reading till I fall asleep.

Love Audrey xxx

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