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Over the last week or so my Mum and I have been seriously ‘in the zone’ when it comes to wedding planning. We’ve been writing lists, fielding emails, calling vendors… generally getting things done.

So, the wedding cars are almost booked, I’ve picked out a wedding ring, made an appointment at the local registry office to declare our intention to marry and started the ball rolling on our invitations. It feels really good to be working our way through a few projects.

This weekend we turned our attention to tables and centrepieces.

My ideas have evolved a little since my post here. I’m still set on candelabras (the ballroom at Heatherden Hall is so grand you really need something with a little height on the tables) but after seeing this Love My Dress post and this wedding on Ruffled I decided that rather than hiring a multitude of vintage cut-glass vases to fill with flowers we could house the blooms in jam jars.

Yup. You read it right, I said jam jars.

We’re putting an eco-chic spin on vintage glamour. Well, at least that’s the idea.

Let me set the scene a little…

At the centre of a large round table clad in white fabric is a perfectly pressed vintage lace-edged napkin laid out like a delicate tablecloth. Imagine the soft glow emanating from the opulent candelabra sitting atop the antique fabric. Dotted around this are jam jars overflowing with blousy, sweet smelling flowers in shades of muted pink and ivory, offset with beautiful silvery green foliage. Perhaps the jars are tied with ribbon, maybe a length of vintage lace. Alongside these, tea-lights flicker in mercury glass, casting shadows on the up-cycled vases… and all is right with the world.

OK. A little over-the-top perhaps.

Can’t quite picture it? Here’s a few visual aids…

Pretty, no?

To aid me in the decision making process my talented Mother rustled up a couple of ‘tablescapes’. They require a slight leap of imagination as the colours are all wrong and the floral arrangements a little make-shift but, well, take a look…

The vintage napkins were a fabulous find during a trip round the market in Bridport last weekend. I bought 12 and managed to persuade the stall holder to part with them for £1 each instead of £3.50! Of course, they need brightening up a little and a good iron but, oh, such a bargain! I love the idea of using them as they’re intended to be after the wedding, getting a little reminder of the day each time I dab food from my mouth!

With 12-15 tables and 3 jars per table I’ve got the whole family on the case collecting these. In fact, I’m off to have another couple of slices of jam on toast. Every little helps.

Loveaudrey xxx

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